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Looking to get away from it all without spending a fortune?  Want to go camping in the Adirondacks without the sometime crowded feeling of a campground? What if we told you about a place that is extremely remote that you can drive to and it offers camping for FREE?  Yes for FREE!  It may be called primitive, but you'll have the feel of the true remoteness of the Adirondacks.  Looking to reserve a site? The sites here are available on a first come, first served basis.  There are no reservations.  Look below for info on those who want to stay for more than three nights at one campsite.

Welcome to the secluded roads in Moose River Plains.  These roads include the main Moose River Plains Road, Rock Dam Road, Otter Brook Road and Indian Lake Road.  Season and vehicle use restrictions apply. Public vehicular traffic along the Moose River Plains Road is welcome from Memorial Day to the close of deer hunting season each year.  It is recommended that if there is snow on the ground that you have a 4x4 or chains on your vehicle if you plan to enter the area.

The speed limit is 15 MPH and I would suggest you don't go any faster unless you want to destroy your car.  There are rocks sticking out of the road, sometimes when you least suspect it.  There are two entrances for the main Moose River Plains Road, one near Inlet off Limekiln Road and the other at Wakely Dam Recreational Area at the end Cedar River Road.

There are nearly 140 campsites located off these roads as well as off short side roads off the main roads.  The short sides roads offer even more seclusion from the main road, especially for groups looking to camp in the Adirondacks.  A typical campsite consists of a tenting area, fire pit, picnic table and some sites have a privy.  Some of the sites no longer have picnic tables or the tables are in disrepair.  Some of the privy's may also be in disrepair.

RVs and trailers are welcomed in the Plains from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Groups of 10 or more, or folks staying more than 3 nights at the same site, must obtain a permit prior to arrival. Groups of 20 or more are prohibited. You will most likely find an open camp site most of the time, even during holiday weekends.

Campsite #36 is a typical site in Moose River Plains

In 2010, the NY DEC has proposed to establish a new intensive use area, the Moose River Plains Camping Area (MRPCA), consisting of Forest Preserve lands within the Moose River Plains Wild Forest (MRPWF) currently classified as Wild Forest. The NY DEC says the purpose of establishing this intensive use area is to recognize the importance of the general types and extent of camping that has occurred here since the State acquired these lands in the 1960's.

What the NY DEC envisions for the MRPCA is up to 150 roadside campsites along approximately 20 miles of roads through the MRPWF. The DEC states that the sites will have fire rings, pit privies and picnic tables as their only amenities. Some of these sites are currently relatively close to the road, while others are several hundred feet back and are accessed by short driveways. A majority of the camp sites will be comprised of existing camp sites, some fairly well separated from other sites and some clustered in small groups.

Campsite #63 is located near Sumner Stream right off the main road.

The most popular areas for camping in the Moose River Plains include the area off Otter Brook Road near the crossing of the South Branch Moose River, the area off the main Moose River Plains Road near the Red River as well as near Bradley Brook.  Another popular area is between Benedict Creek and Sumner Creek along the main Moose River Plains Road. 

Look below for maps courtesy of Andy Arthur from his outdoor website of most of the camping areas in this amazing area.


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Hiking in Adirondack Park

Northville-Placid Trail Moose River Plains Wild Forest

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