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Fulton Chain Wild Forest Sis, Bub & Moss Lake Loop Bubb & Sis Lakes Trail
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Hiking in Adirondack Park

Fulton Chain Wild Forest

Moss Lake Loop


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Looking for someplace to go while visiting the Old Forge area?  A pleasant 2.5 mile walk around Moss Lake located in Fulton Chain Wild Forest off Big Moose Road north of Eagle Bay.  This easy hike is for all family members.  The hike starts at the main parking area off Big Moose Road.  After signing in at the kiosk, this loop hike goes counter clockwise around the lake.

There are a few handicapped accessible campsites along the first 0.25 miles.  The trail is crushed stone along this section to accommodate anyone handicapped looking for a nice lakeside camping spot or picnic.  There is a good looking primitive campsite on the shore of the lake after 0.5 miles of hiking from the kiosk.

After 0.7 miles of hiking check out the huge tree growing on top of a boulder on your right.  In another quarter mile you'll cross a small stream on a small bridge.  The trail briefly ascends, only to descend with a "Caution" sign to warn you of the descent and large bridge ahead at the 1.25 mile mark.  The bridge marks the midway point of your hike and has wonderful views from both sides of the bridge.  The panorama above is looking back at the bridge from the trail.

At 1.8 miles of hiking you reach the major trail junction with the Bubb & Sis Lakes Trail on your right.  For more information on that trail see our Sis, Bub & Moss Lake Loop.  Soon you'll cross a large stream on a footbridge.  After passing a sandy field area, your soon back to the kiosk and the end of this hike at 2.5 miles.  Be sure to head 0.1 mile on the lake trail to the shore of Moss Lake before you leave.

Look below for a video, detailed description and maps of this great hike.

Mileage Elevation Trail Description
0.0 1787 feet

After signing register at kiosk, head north (counter clockwise loop) along Moss Lake Trail.

0.15 1765 feet

Handicapped parking area on your right.

0.25 1768 feet

Trail veers right.  Accessible campsite on left with picnic table and privy.

0.5 1810 feet

Primitive campsite next to lake on your left with privy.

0.7 1803 feet

Big tree growing on top of boulder.

0.95 1761 feet

Cross small bridge.

1.25 1759 feet

Cross large bridge with views.

1.8 1781 feet

Junction with the Bubb & Siss Lake Trail on your right.

1.9 1767 feet

Cross stream on bridge.

2.4 1787 feet

Reach kiosk and parking area.  End of loop.



Late November on Moss Lake


Hiking in Adirondack Park

Fulton Chain Wild Forest Sis, Bub & Moss Lake Loop

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