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Mount Skylight


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Mount Skylight is the fourth highest peak in New York State at 4926 feet. It is one of the ADK 46ers.  It gets its name from its open, bare and relatively flat summit, unusual in the Adirondack High Peaks.  A remote summit by any approach, it is nonetheless a favorite of hikers because of its 360 degree views. It is famously distinguished by two large cairns that have grown on either end of the summit over the years.  There is a folk lore that carrying a rock up and placing it on them will ensure good weather.

A single trail goes up to the mountain's summit from the Four Corners junction between Mount Skylight and Mount Marcy, its northern neighbor.  As the name Four Corners suggests, there are three ways to get to the summit. Most commonly, hikers come up from the west, via the Feldspar Brook Trail from the campsites at the Flowed Lands and climb the peak in conjunction with a visit to Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds, the source of the Hudson River, and a climb up neighboring, Gray Peak (also a 46er). The trailhead can also be reached by descending from Marcy to the north, or via Panther Gorge and Elk Lake to the southeast, all very lengthy trips that are usually done via an overnight backpack.

From Mount Skylight, the views of Mount Marcy and the lakes below is superb.  You'll have a great perspective of the lesser mountains lying to the south. It is claimed that from this peak one can make out over 30 of the other peaks in the area so it is considered to be the best look outs in the Adirondacks.  Although the area is remote, don't expect to be alone in this area of the High Peaks Wilderness.



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