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Canastota Creek

Reservoir Falls, Canastota Ravine



This 2.3 mile section of the North Country Trail coincides with the Link Trail and is one of the best of the NCT in New York.  From the small parking area head east following the old Lehigh Valley Railroad and walking along a small stream, which is actually Canastota Creek.  The creek goes under the trail in a culvert and the Canastota Reservoir will be on your right.  As you continue your hike you'll notice Reservoir Falls on your right.  Your following the blue blazes of the North Country Trail and some yellow blazes of the Link Trail.

The trail will cross an old road before veering left and crossing Canastota Creek on an old culvert.  Notice the concrete wall that was built far below for the fast flowing water on your left.  The creek is now on your left and the ravine that the creek flows through.  The trail will eventually veer left away from the old railroad bed and descend into the ravine.  Going straight will lead to the Scheid Park trailhead parking area in 0.2 miles, located off Oxbow Road.

The trail crosses one small stream on a footbridge, then crosses Canastota Creek on a well built footbridge.  The trail follows along a ravine for a short while before ascending up wooden stairs.  There is a bench as you ascend the stairs for you to rest and take in the peace & quiet of the area.  There is a trail register located here. 

The trail utilizes puncheon on some of the wetter sections as you make your way through the woods.  Stairs help a short descent to an old road.  You may notice a few old growth trees on your right as you walk along this wide old road.  One of the huge trees has broken, creating a huge blow down off the trail.  A trailpost announces the trail veering right off the old road.  The trail is well worn on this section.

The trail now winds its way toward Mount Pleasant Cemetery.  You'll see the cemetery on your right.  Make sure to duck your head on the unique tree the trail passes!  Finally the trail crosses a boggy area on puncheon.  This hike ends when you reach the small parking area/trailhead at the cemetery.  This is alternative location to start your hike.

Look below for a few pictures, a video, a map and detailed description of this hike.

DIRECTIONS:  From Canastota, NY 5 to Nelson Road.  There is a small parking area on the side of the road where the North Country Trail crosses the road.  This hike is 2.3 miles one way or a 4.6 mile round trip.  This hike has an elevation change of 200 feet and is a fairly easy hike.

Bridge over Canastota Creek

Stairs out of Canastota Ravine

Reservoir Falls
Mile Elevation Description
0.0 691 feet

Trailhead Parking area on Nelson Road. Follow the blue blazes east along Canastota Creek.

0.15 684 feet

Canastota Creek passes under the trail via old culvert.  Canastota Reservoir is on your right.

0.3 662 feet

Reservoir Falls is off to your right.

0.6 658 feet

Canastota Creek passes under the trail via old culvert.  Nice view of Canastota Ravine.

1.5 567 feet

Pass gas pipeline.  Soon trail veers left off old railroad bed and descend.  Straight leads 0.2 miles to Scheid Park trailhead.

1.6 528 feet

Cross Canastota Creek on footbridge then reach stairs to ascend out of Canastota Ravine.

1.7 545 feet

Trail register at bench as you climb stairs.

1.9 549 feet

Stairs.  Turn right on old road, pass old cement block structure on left.  Soon, a few old growth trees on your right.

2.1 538 feet

Veer right off old road at trailpost.

2.3 491 feet

Reach Mt Pleasant Cemetery Trailhead and parking area.  To return simply retrace your steps.



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