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The Finger Lakes Trail and North Country Trail enters Connecticut Hill WMA after following Gulf Road off County Route 6.  At the large boulder the trail veers right following an old road next to Cayuta Creek.  To your left is the orange blazed Van Lone Hill Trail.

The trail used to cross two bridges before beginning a steep ascent. The second bridge washed away during a flash flood and currently requires a stream crossing. This is not bad during times of normal water flow. The trail passes a trail register and the eastern terminus of the orange blazed  Van Lone Hill Trail.  Using this trail and the FLT/NCT creates a challenging 5.6 mile loop hike.  The trail soon crosses seasonal dirt Todd Road.

The trail continues to ascend and crosses seasonal dirt Ridge Road where the trail becomes more level.  You'll now cross seasonal dirt Cabin Road and then reach seasonal dirt Boylan Road, where the trail turns right following the road for about 500 feet before turning left into the woods.

The trail now descends to Connecticut Hill Road, follows the road for 150 feet then goes back into the woods.  Now the trail ascends toward Black Oak Road and Tower Road, crosses the roads then reaches the junction of the Bob Cameron Trail.  This trail creates a 2.7 mile loop hike.  The highest point in Tompkins County at an elevation of 2099 is near this trail junction, which is marked with a survey marker just past the Bob Cameron Trail.  You are actually now in a remote section of Robert Treman State Park.

USGS Marker on Connecticut Hill along the FLT/NCT

The trail now crosses Black Oak Road again then reaches Cayutaville Road, follows the road for 200 feet then reenters the woods.  You are now hiking on private property.  The trail reaches a power line right of way with views to your right before descending to Griffin Road and the end of this section.

Look below for a map and detailed description of this section.

Mile Elevation Description
0.0 1322 ft

From the small parking area off Gulf Rd, follow the white blazes past the big boulder.

1.5 1247 ft

Cross bridge #1. 

1.6 1234 ft

Bridge #2 is currently gone and required a ford (crossing) of the stream. 

1.9 1490 ft

Pass by foundations on your right, then left.

3.1 1579 ft

Orange blazed Van Lone Hill Trail on your left and trail register on your right.

3.2 1645 ft

Todd Road.  Turn right, then left onto old logging road into the woods.

4.5 1891 ft

Cross Ridge Road.  Parking.

4.8 1884 ft

Cross Cabin Road.

6.3 1964 ft

Boylan Road.  Parking.  Turn right for 150 yards, then left into woods.

6.9 1763 ft

Connecticut Hill Rd.  Parking.  Turn right for 50 yards, then left into woods.

8.2 2078 ft

Cross Tower Road.  Parking.

8.3 2093 ft

Orange Blazed Bob Cameron Loop Trail Jct. Soon pass the Connecticut Hill summit marker.


8.5 2041 ft

Cross Black Oak Road.

8.7 1981 ft

Cayutaville Road.  Turn right for 200 feet, then left into woods.

9.0 1976 ft

Power line/pipeline right of way.  Views to your right. 

9.3 1846 ft

Griffin Road.  End of this section.  For a continuation see Robert Treman State Park.


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