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NOTE:  This information is based from the information gathered from the DEC plan available at the DEC website.  The info below is for just part of what will be the North Country Trail in the Adirondacks.

The Jessup River Wild Forest area consists of 47,350 acres of State Forest Preserve lands in the towns of Arietta, Indian Lake, Lake Pleasant, and Wells in Hamilton County. This Wild Forest is bounded by NY 28 to the north and NY 30 in the southeast, as well as three wilderness areas: West Canada Lakes Wilderness to the west; Siamese Ponds Wilderness to the east, and Silver Lake Wilderness to the south.

The state lands in Jessup River Wild Forest border, or are in close proximity to, the communities of Indian Lake, Piseco, Speculator and Wells. NY 30 bisects Jessup River Wild Forest and serves as the main access corridor. Many people enjoy hiking to the fire towers on Pillsbury and Snowy mountains, snowmobiling between Piseco Lake and Indian Lake, canoeing on Fall Stream, or camping on Mason Lake. Hunting, fishing, and trapping are also popular activities throughout Jessup River Wild Forest but particularly in and around Perkins Clearing, the Jessup River and the Miami River.

The original 2007 DEC plan had the North Country National Scenic Trail creating a new trail to be built on the northern shores of Mason Lake to bring the trail to NY 30 and the Panther Pond - Jessup River Trail and then crossing the Jessup River. This crossing of the Jessup River was a critical barrier for the NCT and an updated 2014 DEC plan has completely scrapped the original 2007 proposed plan. Look below for a description and map of the new 2014 plan.

The new 2014 DEC plan simply has the North Country Trail following seasonal dirt Old Military Road and Perkins Clearing Road to NY 30. A new trail will be constructed to keep the NCT off busy NY 30 near Whiskey Brook, which will be on a combination of state land and conservation easement lands. The new trail will bring the NCT to Elm Lake Road. The NCT will follow Elm Lake Road all the way to it's end, where the NCT will enter Siamese Ponds Wilderness. This new plan will bring the North Country Trail close to Speculator, creating a perfect resupply destination for thru-hikers. 

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