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North Country Trail

Rome Fish Hatchery to
Pixley Falls State Park
"The NY 46 Gap"


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This 13+ mile section is regarded as the 'NY 46 Gap' as the North Country Trail for the most part follows along a very busy NY 46.  When NY 46 was built, many parts of the road between Delta Lake State Park and Pixley Falls State Park the Black River Canal was filled and the road built on top of the old canal.  There are a few points where the old canal is still visible, however this historical canal is located on private property.  Hence the long road walk from the Rome Fish Hatchery parking area to the BREIA parking area just south of Pixley Falls State Park.

We've only included this section of the North Country Trail for thru-hikers and don't recommend a day hike along NY 46.  We felt that some of this information could be beneficial for anyone embarking on a 4600 mile thru hike of USA's longest continuous hiking trail, the North Country National Scenic Trail.

There is very little public land in this gap except for Delta Lake State Park, which has camping available usually from mid-May to Columbus Day each year.  We've taken the path or walk off NY 46 wherever possible including a pleasant walk through the small hamlet of Westernville.  This small hamlet has a post office, library and a small store/gas station.  A little bit of heaven for thru-hikers.

After passing Carmichael Hill Road, see if you can pick out the old Black River Canal traveling through a farm.  You should be able to see the remains of an old lock.  Now your going through the small hamlet of North Western.  There is a bar/restaurant on the left (white/red building).  You may have been able to pick out where the old canal crossed NY 46 and went through the private yards, finally into back yards.

Soon you'll turn off NY 46 once again onto Hillside Road, where you'll immediately cross the Mohawk River on the Ben & Mary Cady Bridge.  This is a popular spot for locals and you might see a few folks cooling off in the Mohawk River below the bridge on a hot summer day.  After crossing the Mohawk River one last time and then Lansing Kill, your soon back on NY 46.

There is a small DEC Parking Area for fishing access to Lansing Kill prior to reaching the parking area for the BREIA X-C Ski Trails and the end of this section.  The North Country Trail now follows the BREIA trails to Boonville.

Delta Lake

Mileage Elevation Trail Description
0.0 475 feet

Leave the DEC Parking area for Rome Fish Hatchery and begin to follow busy NY 46.

0.9 509 feet

Delta Lake Dam off to your left.

1.5 571 feet

Delta Lake is to your left.

2.4 554 feet

Entrance to Delta Lake State Park.

3.4 563 feet

Turn left on Main Street.

3.75 551 feet

View of Delta Lake.

4.1 558 feet

Entering the small hamlet of Westernville.

4.45 558 feet

Post Office is a few hundred feet on the right.

4.55 562 feet

Store/Gas station is on your right.

4.9 589 feet

Western Town Park is to your left.  Port-a-potty.  Back on NY 46 north.

6.3 591 feet

NY 274 junction.  Continue on NY 46.

6.9 643 feet

Pass Carmichael Hill Road.  Continue on NY 46.

7.3 623 feet

Pass Tannery Road.  Continue on NY 46.  Entering small hamlet of North Western.

8.25 655 feet

Turn left on Hillside Road, cross Mohawk River on the Ben & Mary Cady Bridge.

9.0 640 feet

Cross the Mohawk River on bridge.

9.4 649 feet

Cross Lansing Kill on bridge.

9.5 660 feet

Turn left back onto NY 46.

9.7 684 feet

A thousand feet of state land along NY 46 on the right (east) side of road.

10.75 689 feet

Crossing Lansing Kill.

11.55 722 feet

DEC Parking Area for fishing access to Lansing Kill.  Reliable water off Dunn Brook is close by also.  The road narrows as your entering into Booneville Gorge.  The road shoulder really narrows.

13.2 801 feet

BREIA Parking Area on right.  North Country Trail follows old Black River Canal Towpath.  For a continuation see Pixley Falls State Park to Boonville section.

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