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NOTE 7/21/2018 - The Finger Lakes Trail main route through Rober Treman State Park has changed. As of now the Finger Lakes Trail crosses Woodward Road, down the grassy former public road, continues straight past the CCC marker, crosses a new footbridge over Fishkill Creek, bears a little to the right, turns left on Thomas Road for about 100 yards then turns left into the woods. The white blazes lead to the Treman Park Rim trail at a deep gully. Turn right, cross the bridge over the gully, turn right into the woods and almost immediately turn left up hill regaining the long established FLT route. Thank you to the Treman Park management and staff for building the new foot bridge!

The spur trail to the Old Mill and Upper Treman parking lot which has been the FLT main route leaves the FLT left (Heading downstream) at the CCC marker on an orange blazed trail. We will have updated info and maps below soon.

This 8.7 mile section of the North Country Trail features Stevenson Forest Preserve, Rieman Woods, Bock-Harvey Preserve and beautiful Robert Treman State Park. You'll have a chance to see Robert Treman State Park in a way that most people don't get a chance to. This is another great section of the North Country Trail in central New York. This stretch of the NCT coincides with the Finger Lakes Trail and has white blazes. There is a lean to located on the Bock-Harvey Preserve.

This section begins off Trumbull Corners Road at a small parking area for Stevenson Forest Preserve near Rumsey Hill Road. The GPS coordinates for this parking area is N42 24.558 W76 38.285 for those who have a GPS devise. The 83 acre Stevenson Forest Preserve is part of the Finger Lakes Land Trust.  This magnificent forest was donated to the land trust in 1995 and has grown with additional donations in 1998-1999. There is a short 0.4 mile blue blazed trail off the North Country Trail that leads to a nice view and is worth exploring. The trail winds back to Trumbull Corners Road and will follow or run parallel to the road for a short while before turning right on Porter Hill Road.

The trail eventually turns right off the road and your actually traveling west for about 0.2 miles before reaching the Rieman Woods campsite, where you'll find no water. The land here is owned by the FLTC. The trail turns back to the east as you soon cross Porter Hill Road and enter the Bock-Harvey Preserve, which is also owned by the FLTC.  A blue blazed trail on your left travels to the Locust Lean To. There is no sign (2016) telling hikers that this blue trail leads to a lean to. We did not find a reliable water source at the Locust Lean To. The white blazed main trail passes by a yellow blazed spur trail, that passes the "Ponder Log" and eventually reaches Rockwell Road, where there is a small parking area for the Bock-Harvey Preserve. The GPS coordinates for the parking area is N42 24.412 W76 37.409. You are now on a new route built for the North Country Trail (Finger Lakes Trail) during the summer of 2016.

The trail eventually reaches Rockwell Road and begins a short road walk. Soon after passing the Pine Creek Campground you'll turn right into the woods. The trail is on private property for a bit and crosses Hines Road. The trail soon turns left to follow a gas line before leaving the gas line in just 0.2 miles. In another 0.2 miles you'll notice the green "New York State Park Land" signs as you enter Robert Treman State Park.  This state park is one of the jewel parks of the Finger Lakes Region. In 0.4 miles you'll reach a trail register and in another 0.3 miles you'll reach Woodard Road.

After crossing dirt Woodard Road, the trail follows an old grassy lane. In 0.2 mile you'll see a plaque honoring the old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that was once here.  The trail turns left near Fish Kill Creek to follow the old "CCC Trail". The trail passes through the remains of the SP-6 CCC camp that existed here from 1933-1941, heads past an old mill, to the main junction of the parks Gorge Trail plus South Rim Trail.  Hikers will find rest rooms and potable water at the old mill (when it is open). 

The North Country Trail crosses Enfield Creek on a stone footbridge and follows the Rim Trail uphill at the junction of the park Gorge Trail on your left. The white blazed NCT will turn right off the Rim Trail in about 0.2 miles from the stone bridge. It is worth the short trip on the Rim Trail to see the overlook of Lucifer Falls. Back on the white blazed North Country Trail, the trail will eventually begin a steep descent, passing some old park buildings before leveling off just prior to reaching the Sierra Shelter.  From here it's another 0.9 miles before the trail goes under NY 13 and you reach the large parking area off NY 13/34/96. You pass close by the main Robert Treman Campground before finally reaching Enfield Creek and the NY 13 bridge.

Directions:  From Ithaca, NY 13 South to NY 327. Turn left on Trumbull Corners Rd.  The North Country Trail leaves the road on the right before you cross a stream. There is a large pull off/parking area on the right. The GPS coordinates are N42 24.558 W76 38.285 for those who have a GPS devise.


Hammock camping at Locust Lean To

View from the Lucifer Falls Overlook

Sierra Shelter in Robert Treman State Park

Enfield Creek

Mile Elevation North Country Trail Description
0.0 1237 feet

Stevenson Forest Preserve Parking area on Trumbull Corners Road. GPS coordinates N42 24.558 W76 38.285 - Trail enters woods. Following white blazes. Soon reach a Kiosk and Trail Register. The Stevenson Forest Preserve is part of the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

0.3 1338 feet

Junction on your left of the 0.4 mile blue blazed Stevenson Trail that dead ends at a view point.

0.7 1199 feet

Turn left onto Trumbull Corners Road, cross bridge and turn left back into woods.

0.9 1162 feet

Back on Trumbull Corners Road.

1.05 1139 feet

Turn right on Porter Hill Road.

1.5 1306 feet

Trail turns right into woods at Rockwell Road. Some shoulder parking. GPS N42 24.390 W76 37.721

1.7 1493 feet

Rieman Woods camping area. NO WATER! Highest point on this section of the trail.

2.0 1413 feet

Cross Porter Hill Rd. No good parking here. Entering the Bock-Harvey Preserve.

2.25 1366 feet Junction of blue blazed trail that leads to the Locust Lean To. There is a nice view at the lean to.
2.5 1285 feet Junction of yellow blazed spur trail that leads to "Ponder Log" and Bock-Harvey Preserve. Follow white blazes.
3.15 1113 feet Reach Rockwell Road, turn right following road. Pine Creek Campground soon on your left.
3.35 1087 feet Turn right off the road. Follow the white blazes as there are numerous trails on private property.
3.75 1125 feet Cross Hines Road. Still on private property, soon enter Robert Treman State Park.
4.75 1060 feet Trail Register.
5.1 1038 feet

Cross Woodard Road. Some shoulder parking. GPS N42 24.042 W76 35.685

5.3 964 feet

CCC Monument then trail turns left just prior to Fish Kill Creek.

5.7 905 feet

Reach the Upper Park Parking Area. GPS N42 24.133 W76 35.386 Turn right. Pass old mill that has water & bathrooms when open. Waterfall. Follow parking area toward stone footbridge.

5.9 935 feet

Cross stone footbridge. Trail on left is the Gorge Trail. Head uphill to stay on NCT.

6.0 1001 feet

North Country Trail turns right. Rim Trail goes straight and leads to the Lucifer Falls Overlook in 0.2 miles.

7.2 959 feet

Beginning of steep descent

7.75 641 feet

Sierra Shelter

8.35 465 feet

Pass campsites on left from Robert Treman Campground. Water, bathrooms.

8.7 437 feet

Trail runs next to Enfield Creek, go under NY 13/34/96 bridge and arrive at large parking area.  GPS coordinates are N42 23.898 W76 32.759 for the large parking area.

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