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Stone Quarry Hill
Art Park



This part of the "best of the North Country Trail" coincides with the Link Trail and is completely on private property.  There are blue and yellow blazes for this section of trail.  This 2.1 mile hike to the panoramic views from Stone Quarry Hill is moderate and completely on private property.  Overall this hike is either a 4.2 or 4.6 mile round trip hike, depending where you decide to turn around.

From the parking area off Chenango Street the trail passes a kiosk and runs next to town homes using puncheons before turning back into the woods.  The trail enters a new housing development area.  The trail was rerouted in this area a few years back and looks like if the development continues, there may be the need for another reroute.

The trail skirts a embankment on puncheons then crosses a stream over a culvert.  The trail briefly enters a field before crossing the small stream again.  The trail follows the stream and reenters the woods.  The trail begins to run along hedgerows before reaching the original trail where the trail briefly leaves the hedgerow into a field.  There are some views to your right before the trail reenters the woods, descends and crosses a seasonal stream on a footbridge.  The trail begins to ascend, goes under power lines and begins its final ascent up Stone Quarry Hill.

Soon on your right you will see some "petrified" tree stumps.  These are part of the art sculptures from Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  Soon you will see a trail register on your right and the trail will turn right into the art park.  The trail enters a field before turning right back into the woods.  Follow the blue blazes closely here since there are numerous other trails in this "park".

Inspired by the relationship between art and nature, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park seeks to educate and engage the public through exhibitions, interpretation, and community outreach programs in the arts. Set among 104 acres of protected land and groomed trails, the Art Park is dedicated to providing a unique environment for the showcasing of art by emerging and established artists, in natural and gallery settings.

The trail passes numerous art sculptures before passing the "bird hut" on your right.  The trail turns right on a gravel path and enters an open area with spectacular views to the south and west of the area.  Form here the trail turns back into the woods before turning left, back into a field.  The trail uses a mowed path toward the park dirt road.  To return simply retrace your steps.

DIRECTIONS:  From Lafayette; US 20 EAST to the village of Cazenovia.  Turn right on Chenango Street (at street light).  There is a trailhead parking area on the left about 0.6 miles down the road.

Unique art at Stone Quarry Art Park

View of Morgan Hill in the distance from Stone Quarry Hill

Mile Elevation Description
0.0 1220 feet

Trailhead Parking area on Chenango Street. Follow blue blazes past kiosk.  Use puncheons. 

0.2 1232 feet

Recently partially cleared area and housing development area.  Soon pass embankment on puncheons.

0.35 1234 feet

Turn right and cross small stream along farm lane.  Trail turns left, follows stream and soon enter woods.

0.6 1298 feet

Trail turns right away from stream.  Now following hedgerows.

0.95 1330 feet

Enter field briefly.  View to your right looking west.

1.1 1320 feet

Footbridge over seasonal creek, begin ascent up Stone Quarry Hill.

1.25 1362 feet

Pass under power lines.  Ascent gets steeper.

1.5 1521 feet

Trail register, enter Stone Quarry Art Park. Soon turn right.  Follow blue blazes carefully in the Art Park, as there are numerous trails within the park.

1.55 1537 feet

Trail enters open field.  Large art piece on your left.

1.65 1555 feet

North Country Trail turns right, back into woods.

1.75 1510 feet

Pass the "bird hut".

1.9 1595 feet

North Country Trail turns right. 

2.05 1582 feet

Panoramic views to south and west.  Soon turn right.  Straight is a parking area for the art park.

2.10 1572 feet

North Country Trail turns left back into the woods.  Turn around here for a 4.2 mile round trip hike.

2.15 1555 feet

Turn left and enter edge of field.  Follow mowed path.

2.3 1555 feet

Reach the dirt Park exit Road.  To return simply retrace your steps.

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