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High Peaks
NY 28N to Shattuck Clearing


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After crossing NY 28N and following Tarbell Road, the Northville-Placid Trail turns along an old woods road to follow along the eastern shore of Long Lake.  The hamlet of Long Lake is about three miles to the west along NY 28N.  There are restaurants, lodging, stores, a post office and some supplies there.  There is a parking area on the south side of NY 28N across from Tarbell Road.

The trail enters High Peaks Wilderness soon after leaving Tarbell Hill Road along an old woods road.  You'll be following near the eastern shores of Long Lake for over the next seven miles with nine lean to shelters available for this scenic and popular section of the trail.  We did notice a recent reroute just prior to reaching the first of the Catlin Bay Lean Tos that takes the trail away from a beaver meadow and a damaged bridge over a stream.

Those looking to do a shorter day hike to Catlin Bay and explore the campsites as well as the shore of Long Lake in the Catlin Bay area can check out our Catlin Bay webpage.

After passing Plumley Point Lean To #1 (the second Plumley lean to), the trail begins a short climb as it moves away from Long Lake and begins to head toward Shattuck Clearing.  This section is notorious for beaver activity, especially as you near Pine Brook.  This area is as rugged and remote as the West Canada Lakes Wilderness.  Extra caution should be taken while hiking in this area.

Shattuck Clearing is the site of a former ranger station and there is a fine view of the Sewards.  This is also where Moose Creek meets the Cold River.  There are a few suspension foot bridges in this area.  The Moose Creek bridge shakes no matter how you move on it (for those who don't like those type of things). You are 104.7 miles from the Northville kiosk.

NOTE:  There are no public roads that lead to Shattuck Clearing or Duck Hole.  If you are hiking this section of trail, there are no roads between NY 28N/Tarbell Road and Averyville Road.  This is a distance of over 36 miles with no stores, no supplies, nothing but wilderness.  You should be fully prepared prior to starting this stretch of the Northville-Placid Trail.

Maps show a trail and fire tower on Kempshall Mountain.  The trail was closed after a 1995 microburst and was never reopened, plus the fire tower was removed long ago.  There are no views from the summit or anywhere on the mountain and really no reason to bushwhack to the summit.

Be sure to check out the NY DEC website at Adirondack Trail Information for updated trail conditions. We recommend that you purchase Northville-Placid Trail (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map) to help plan your Northville-Placid Trail adventure.


Mile Elevation Description (NY 28 to Shattuck Clearing)
0.0 1772 ft

NY 28N.  Parking area on south side of road.  Trail follows dirt Tarbell Road.

0.7 1914 ft

Trail turns right off Tarbell Road and follows old road.  Parking area just south along road.

1.2 1749 ft

Entering High Peaks Wilderness.

1.3 1699 ft

Cross stream on bridge.

1.8 1664 ft

A recent reroute takes the trail around a beaver meadow and damaged bridge as well as old puncheons.

1.9 1636 ft

Catlin Bay Lean To #1.  Side trails to the left leads to campsites along the lake.

2.7 1706 ft

Side trail leads 0.1 miles to Hidden Cove Lean To

2.8 1702

Trail comes close to Long Lake.

4.8 1667 ft

Kelly Point Lean To Shelters are on left.

5.2 1672 ft

Pass by old Kempshall Mountain Trail, then cross small stream.

5.3 1672 ft

Cross small stream

5.9 1694 ft

Cross small stream

6.1 1705 ft

Rodney Point Lean To #2

6.2 1730 ft

Rodney Point Lean To #1

6.5 1630 ft

Cross small stream

8.15 1646 ft

Plumley Point Lean To #2

8.25 1644 ft

Plumley Point Lean To #1

8.45 1637 ft

Begin to ascend

8.9 1850 ft

Trail levels then descends

9.5 1707 ft

Wet area

10.2 1670 ft

Wet area

10.6 1678 ft

Cross small stream.  Beaver area.

10.7 1671 ft

Cross Pine Brook

10.9 1703 ft

Wet area

11.15 1727 ft

Leave Hamilton County and enter Essex County.

11.85 1704 ft

Trail junction.  Northville-Placid Trail turns right.  Other trail follows south bank of Cold River for 2.5 miles.

11.95 1686 ft

Shattuck Clearing.  Old Ranger Station site on left.  Trail junction.  NPT veers right.

12.05 1700 ft

Trail junction.  NPT veers left.

12.15 1668 ft

Reach the suspension bridge over Moose Creek.  End of this section.  See Duck Hole for a continuation.

DEC sign on Tarbell Road

Catlin Bay Lean To



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