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Fort Niagara State Park is located north of Niagara Falls State Park along the Niagara River where it meets Lake Ontario.  There are woodland hiking trails that meander in the park.  The most popular spots in this park is the swimming pool and the 18 soccer fields.

Located within this state park is Old Fort Niagara State Historic Site.  It's worth exploring the fort, even with the admission fees ($12 per adult in 2012).  The fort dates back to 1679, when the French first built a fort at this location.

The French built an impressive castle at the site in 1726 and the British took control of the fort in 1759 during the French & Indian War.  The British held the fort until they were forced to give it to the United States by treaty in 1796. 

The British recaptured the fort in 1813, but ceded back to the USA in 1815 at the end of the War of 1812.  The Old Fort Niagara Museum has the original United States Flag that the British captured in 1813 on display.

Entering Old Fort Niagara

One of the two "Forts within the Fort"


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