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John Burroughs


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John Burroughs, the celebrated naturalist whose 27 books of nature and philosophical essays influenced millions of readers, was born April 3, 1837.  John Burroughs died March 29, 1921. He was buried on his 84th birthday in what is now Burroughs Memorial Field State Historic Site.  The site is just up the road from Woodchuck Lodge, where he returned to the area in 1910 and within a mile of the farmstead where he was raised.

Woodchuck Lodge, is open for tours the first weekend of each month, May through October, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Memorial Field, where an outdoor kiosk offers photos and information about the life and work of John Burroughs, is open to visitors during daylight hours daily.

There are a few picnic tables at the historical site.  A mowed path takes visitors a short distance to the "Thinking Boulder" that has a plaque, the gravesite of John Burroughs, a bench, a register and a great view to sit and enjoy.

Directions: From NY 30 in Roxbury, turn on Hardscrabble Road, then left on Burroughs Memorial Road.  You'll pass Woodchuck Lodge on the right and then the SHS is a bit further up along the rightside of the road.  There is no parking area, only parking along the side of the road.

For more info go to the New York State Parks website.

Pictures from John Burroughs Memorial Field

Kiosk at John Burroughs Memorial Field

Walking the mowed path toward the gravesite

Plaque on the "Thinking Boulder"

Gravesite and view

Woodchuck Lodge is a short distance from the SHS

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