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Trail #2

Mary Jemison


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The Mary Jemison Trail at Letchworth State Park is the the trail dedicated to the famous Deh-ge-wan-us, or "White Woman of the Genesee". There are two access points for this trail, one at Council Grounds and the other at a small parking area near the railroad bridge over the main park road. It is known as Trail 2 at Letchworth State Park.

The Mary Jemison Trail is on the western side of Letchworth Park, which is the side of the park in which there is a fee to be enter. The main parking area is near the railroad bridge and is also parking for the popular Gorge Trail (Trail 1). This parking area is known as the Erie Highbridge Trailhead. The GPS coordinates are N42 34.666 W78 03.062. The second trailhead parking area is located near the Council Grounds. The GPS coordinates are N42 35.151 W78 02.541 for those who have a GPS devise.

From the Council Grounds area the trail ascends to a junction. The Hemlock Trail (Trail 2A) goes right toward the Trout Pond area. The Mary Jemison Trail veers left at the junction. The trail continues to an underpass under the railroad. The trail continues to another junction. To the left the Mary Jemison travels directly to the Erie Highbridge Trailhead. To the right is an extention of the Mary Jemison Trail for those looking for a little more walking and exploring.

You'll find an old reservoir for steam engines, which has been over taken by beavers as well as old farm lands near the extended trail. There are some trees in this area that are over 150 years old and an old stone dam. This is a trail that doesn't get as much traffic as the more popular trails such as the Gorge Trail. Some hikers utilize this trail with the Hemlock Trail and the Gorge Trail to create a pleasant loop hike at the park. Look below for a map of the hiking trails in this area.

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