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Robert G. Wehle State Park became a state park in 2003. The property is the former estate of Mr. Robert Wehle. The park has over 1,100 acres to explore as well as over three miles of spectacular Lake Ontario shoreline. There are over twenty miles of hiking/mountain biking trails, a tennis court and picnic areas. You'll also find remnants of an old WWII base that was once here.

In the winter there are snowshoe and cross-country skiing opportunities in the park. The visitor center is also used as a warming hut. Hunting is allowed in designated areas during the season. There are no entry fees to enter this state park.  There are a few cabins available for rent.

Most of the trails are all well marked and easy to follow.  Many of the trails are mowed paths and we have noticed that sometimes there are long gaps on when some of the paths are mowed. This can create paths with high grass, especially in the summer. You can still follow the trails for the most part.

The area is very level, making the hiking easy except for the distance of your hike. You could loop the whole park for a long hike of nearly ten miles if you wanted. Because of all the trails, you can create your own hike exploring where you want.  Be sure to pack enough water for your adventure!

You can find more information on this park at the main NY State Park website.  Check out the Park Trail Map to help plan your adventure.  Two of our favorite loop hikes in the park include the Dancing Gypsy Loop and the longer Snakefoot Loop.  Below we have information on each of the park hiking trails as well as pictures and videos featuring this great park.

Picnic table with a spectacular view

Hiking Trails at Robert G. Wehle State Park

Bobo Link Trail - This one mile trail starts from parking lot C off Lighthouse Road, travels through Henderson Shores State Unique Area and reaches Robert Wehle State Park as the trail meets the Snakefoot Trail.  The Bobo Link Trail briefly follows the Snakefoot Trail before turning to travel across the park.  The trail passes a couple of old WWII pill boxes as it travels toward the shores of Lake Ontario.  The trail ends near the lake at the service road, which is also the Snakefoot Trail.

Dancing Gypsy Trail - This 2.25 mile trail loops around the northeastern part of the park.  The trail starts off the Snakefoot Trail near the tennis court and travels along the cliffs on Lake Ontario before turning near the eastern boundary of the park.  The trail passes near an old artillery wall and pill box at a spectacular cliff overlook.  The trail ends near the Knickerbocker Trail at the open field near the main parking area.

Huckleberry Trail - This 0.6 mile trail follows the boundary for hunting in the park.  Hunting is allowed to the south of the trail.  The trail travels east-west across the park ending at the Snakefoot Trail at Lake Ontario on the west end and at the Snakefoot Trail at the park boundary.  The trail travels across the service road and also passes by a couple of unmarked trails.

Jungle Trail - This 1.6 mile trail travels through the woods in the area south of the main parking area.  The trail starts at parking lot B at the end of Windmill Road, passing the Marksmen Trail a few times as well as crossing the Snakefoot Trail before ending at the service road, near the "V" split.

Knickerbocker Trail - This 0.5 mile trail leaves the main parking area heading northeasterly into the open field and ends at the Dancing Gypsy Trail near the park boundary.

Marksmen Trail - This 1.7 mile trail follows one of the service roads briefly and crosses numerous other trails including the Jungle Trail, Snakefoot Trail and Midge Trail.  This trail can be used to create numerous loop hikes in the park and much of the trail travels in the woods.

Midge Trail - This 0.5 mile trail starts and ends at the Snakefoot Trail.  This trail is used for those looking for a short loop hike in the park.

Snakefoot Trail - This 5.5 mile trail loops the southwestern part of the park.  It is the most popular trail in the park, especially the sections along the cliffs on Lake Ontario.  There is a real nice picnic area along the trail at a couple locations on Lake Ontario.

There are also over two miles of unmarked trails as well as service roads that can be used to explore the park.


I-81 to EXIT 40, NY 193 WEST.  Turn right on NY 3 EAST, then at blinking light at jct for NY 178, turn left on Military Road.  Take Military Rd to main park entrance.

Scenic view from the Snakefoot Trail



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