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Loop Hike


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Wellesley Loop Hike (3.45 miles)

From the Nature Center Parking area, walk toward the Nature Center Museum and follow the sign for the Eel Bay Trail.  Take the Eel Bay Trail past the "potholes" and continue on the Narrows Trail.  To the left is an overlook of Eel Bay.  Continue on the Narrows Trail, pass the Middle Trail and soon the Narrows Trail becomes the South Bay Trail.  Continue on the South Bay Trail until the junction of the East Trail. 

Turn left on the East Trail.  There is a bridge that you will cross and take a left after the bridge.  When you reach the North Field Loop, turn right on the North Field Loop and follow the trail back to the parking area.  There are some up and downs on this hike, nothing major but there are some steep sections.  This hike would be rated easy to a bit moderate for some. 

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