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Nye Mountain


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One of the original 46ers, Nye Mountain now ranks as the 51st highest peak in the Adirondacks after later surveys.  Although Nye Mountain is now listed at a height of 3871 feet, it is still a mountain that must be climbed for the 46er club.  Nye is quite a different climb than the other 46ers. The summit is totally tree covered and unfortunately it is perhaps the most boring of the 46 peaks as there is absolutely no views from the top. 

This is outweighed by the fact that this peak is probably the easiest of the 46ers without an officially maintained trail. This is thanks to the very good trail work of the ADK 46ers. At one time Nye like Street Mountain was one of the more difficult peaks to get to not because of isolation or climbing difficulty but because of the tangled web of heard paths that crisscrossed the summit plateau between the two mountains. The many different trails to the plateau have been standardized to one new trail.

Start your hike on at the west corner of Heart Lake and follow the old Nye Ski Trail.  There is a nice sign to guide you onto the trail.  Follow it until it ends at Indian Pass Brook.  Cross the brook and pick up the new herd path on the other side.  Indian Pass Brook can be a dangerous ford during the spring and at times of heavy rains. From this point on you will basically shadow the small brook that comes down the plateau between Street and Nye Mountains.

You'll cross the brook a few times but the trail should be very easy to follow.  It will eventually leads up and to the west then up to an intersection on the plateau between Street and Nye. Here you'll find a tree clearly marked with S (Street) & N (Nye). Head to the right or N (for Nye) and in a few hundred yards you will be on the summit of Nye Mountain.  Usually only those attempting completion of the 46ers hike to this summit as there are no views.  It is always hiked along with Street Mountain by those seeking the completion of the 46ers.

It is a 3.2 mile hike to Nye Mountain.  If you also hike to the summit of Street Mountain, you will have an overall round trip hike of nearly eight miles with an elevation gain of over 2000 feet.


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