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Oakley Corners State Forest is a gem located in the towns of Newark Valley and Owego in eastern Tioga County. The forest has a well maintained 16 mile multi use trail sytem

Oakley Corners State Forest Trail System

In 1990 plans were laid out for an extensive trail system in the forest. The 16 mile Oakley Corners State Forest Multiple Use Trail System is a cooperative effort between the NY DEC, Triple Cities Ski Club, Tioga County Tourism Office and Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The Oakley Corners State Forest Multiple Use Trial System was designed to offer family based recreation for hiking, mountain biking and cross-county skiing. Trails are available to serve beginners, intermediate and advanced users.  Horseback riding and snowmobiling are not permitted on the Multiple Use Trails in Oakley Corners State Forest.

The trails are continuously being improved and upgraded.  New bridges were added and some marshy trails in the lowlands have been abandoned.  So that the trails are more amenable to mountain bikes, tons of gravel have been spread on the more popular trails.  Similar to Jenksville State Forest, this area can be divided into an easy, level side and a side with more hills. The Northern Section of the state forest has an altitude extreme of 350 feet. The Southern Section varies only 200 feet.

The trails are marked with circular trail markers. All trails are designated by color and number. Trail head parking is provided along Hullsville and Dutchtown Roads. There is a small parking lot on Hullsville Road that provides easy access to the south trails and the ponds.

The trails are classified by the users ability. Beginner trails have very gentle slopes and are fairly short in length. Intermediate trails have gentle to somewhat steep slopes and are moderates in length. Advanced trails have gentle to steep slopes and some sections with difficult side slopes. These trails are usually longer in length than intermediate trails.



South/Yellow Trails

  • Trial 1- beginner trail 1.9 miles long
  • Trail 2- intermediate trail 1 miles long
  • Trail 3- beginner trail 0.3 miles long
  • Trail 4 -beginner trail 0.8 miles long
  • Trail 5- beginner trail 0.9 miles long
  • Trail 6- advanced trail 1.1 miles long
  • Trail 7- intermediate trial 0.7 miles long

This section includes all of the yellow marked trails, Y1-Y7. Start behind the kiosk at the southeast corner. Y1 trail makes a 1.9 mile loop so that you may start east bound or south bound. Trail Y1 and Y2 bring you to marshes and beaver dams.  A note of caution about Y6. Eastbound, it is only for expert bikers and skiers, or the foolhardy. Note that this pitches steeply to the creek with sudden switch backs.

The south/Yellow trails are 6.8 miles in length and have higher elevations than the north/blue trails. Most yellow trails are above 1400 feet in elevation. Therefore these trails are probably best suited for cross-county skiing.

North/Blue Trails

  • Trail 1- intermediate trail 1 mile long
  • Trail 2- advanced trail 1.8 miles long
  • Trail 3 -advanced trail 0.7 miles long
  • Trail 4- advanced trail 1.6 miles long
  • Trail 5- intermediate trail 1 mile long
  • Trail 6- intermediate trail 1 mile long

Northern Section: (7.0 miles) This section includes the blue marked trails, B1-B6. These trails are accessed from the 1.9 mile access road that meanders the length of this section of the forest. This road makes an excellent beginnerís bike or ski run. All of the trails have sections of steep pitches.

Hiking in Oakley Corners State Forest

Oakley Corners State Forest

Directions:  Oakley Corners can be accessed via Dutchtown Road which runs east and west across the middle of the forest. Another access road is the Hullsville Road which approaches the forest from the south and intersects with Dutchtwon Road at about the mid-point of the forest. 

Take NY 38B for 3.1 miles to Dutchtown Road. Turn right and go west for 2.2 miles to the intersection with Hullsville Road. Park on the shoulder at the intersection or drive a short distance north on the entrance road and park there off the roadway.  This north access road is graded for 1.8 miles.  However, an entrance gate has been installed and is often locked shut.

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