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A work in progress, the Onondaga Creekwalk is currently complete from the historic Armory Square district in Downtown Syracuse to the southern shore of Onondaga Lake.  As of the fall of 2011 the trail is 2.6 miles long and will eventually connect to the future 12 mile Loop The Lake Trail as well as the Erie Canalway Trail.

In future phases of the construction of the Onondaga Creekway will see the trail continue south, weaving through the city along Onondaga Creek.  One phase will see the trail built from Armory Square to Kirk Park and a second phase building the trail from Kirk Park to the southern border of the city at Dorwin Avenue, near the entrance to Kelly Park.  The City of Syracuse is waiting for more funding to continue this important project.

View of Onondaga Creek with the Syracuse Skyline in the background from the trail

The 2.6 mile, completed section of trail is paved and easy to follow.  There are many signs to keep bikers, skaters and walkers on the path.  You'll stay on the trail by following the solid yellow line that has been painted down the middle of the trail.  The paved trail is also lined with many lights and benches.

Parts of the trail follow the sidewalk along downtown streets, including short walks along W Washington Street, W Water Street, S Franklin Street, W Genesee Street, Wallace Street and Maltibie Street.  There is also a major walk over Onondaga Creek along busy Hiawatha Blvd.

Art and walkers along the Onondaga Creekwalk in Armory Square

Highlights of the trail include Armory Square, a nice view of the National Grid building from W Washington Street, Fire Station 12, Franklin Square, crossing Onondaga Creek on an old railroad bridge between Plum St/Maltibie St, passing through the Syracuse Parks Department Main Office property at 412 Spencer St, Syracuse Inner Harbor, Carousel Mall, views along Onondaga Creek and a spectacular view of Onondaga Lake at the northern terminus of the trail.

Looking down at Onondaga Creek and the trail from Evans Street

You'll find parking along the streets near where the trail crosses the road, or you can park at official Creekwalk Parking Areas.  Here is a list of the official parking spots:

  • Armory Square Trailhead Parking Lot with six parking spots including one handicap spot.  Enter from W Jefferson St next to the MOST, around the circle.  There is a charge weekdays to park here.

  • Parking Lot between Walton St and W Fayette St with 13 parking spots including one handicap spot.  Enter from Walton Street.  There is a charge weekdays to park here.

  • Fire Station #12 Parking Lot with seven spots including one handicap spot.  This parking area is located on Wallace Street near W Genesee Street. 

  • Inner Harbor Creekwalk Parking Area on Van Rensselaer St near Bear Street with room for about ten vehicles.

Onondaga Creekwalk near Carousel Center

We found the best parking to be the first Solar Street parking lot for Carousel Center.  Normally you'll only find a few cars scattered in this large parking lot just off the trail.  It's not an official parking area, but it is free and its only 0.45 miles to the northern terminus of the trail at the south shore of Onondaga Lake at the Onondaga Creek inlet.

Look below for more pictures and a google map of the Onondaga Creekwalk.  You can also check out the City of Syracuse website for more info on this trail.

Train crossing over Onondaga Creekwalk and Onondaga Creek at the Inlet

Northern Terminus of the Onondaga Creekwalk on the south shore of Onondaga Lake

National Grid Building from Onondaga Creekwalk

Parking area off Solar Street, near Carousel Center. Hiawatha Blvd is in background

Onondaga Creekwalk Map from Google Maps

View Onondaga Creekwalk in a larger map

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