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Onondaga Lake Park is one of the most popular parks in Onondaga County.  The park has free family fun from dawn to dusk every day of the year.  The park has the best paved, vehicle free trails in the area for walking or biking.  You'll see people walking almost everyday of the year on the trails.

The Willow Bay Area is the most popular picnic spots in Onondaga Lake Park. It has spectacular views across the lake of the skyline of Syracuse.  The Willow Bay Area is off Longbranch Road.  From this area you can catch the Wegmans Tram or start your walk, run, bike ride or other activity by accessing the East Shore Recreation Trail and the Shoreline Walking Trail.

For those looking for more hiking with less people, check out the West Shore Trail off Longbranch Road, just west of the "one lane bridge" across from Longbranch Park.  You can check out our short 1.5 mile loop we did utilizing the West Shore Trail and Lakeland Trail.  The county is extending the trail on the west shore of the lake as construction is currently under way on the new section of trail. New sections have opened! Eventually the county plans on having a 12 mile Onondaga Lake Loop Trail.

You can also rent bikes at this county park.  Check the official Onondaga County Park website for more information on this popular park.

For a map (pdf) of Onondaga Lake Park, see the Onondaga Lake Park website.  For a short loop option, check out our West Shore Short Loop, a short 1.5 mile loop hike. 

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