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Phoenicia -
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The 7300 acre Phoenicia-Mount Tobias Wild Forest features the popular fire tower at the summit of 2729 foot Mount Tremper. It is one of the five remaining fire towers located within the Catskills. Another part of this wild forest features the remote and trail less Mount Tobias area. There are two lean to shelters located in this wild forest.

Hiking in Phoenicia - Mount Tobias Wild Forest

Mount Tremper Fire Tower Trail - This red marked trail travels 3.0 miles to the fire tower on the 2729 foot summit. This hike has an overall elevation gain of over 2000 feet. The hike is a continuous climb as the trail follows a rocky old road. The Baldwin Memorial Lean To is reached at 2.2 miles and a piped spring at 2.3 miles. There is a second lean to located near the fire tower. This trail ends at the fire tower and becomes the blue marked Warner Creek Trail also known as the Phoenicia Trail.

Warner Creek Trail - This blue marked trail begins at the Mount Tremper Fire Tower and takes hikers into Indian Head Wilderness. At 2.2 miles the trail reaches the junction of the yellow marked Willow Trail. The trail continues on the ridge, where there is a view point at 6.8 miles and reaches Silver Hollow Notch at 7.5 miles and the junction of the Notch Inn Road Connector Trail. From here the trail enters Indian Head Wilderness.

Willow Trail - This yellow marked trail travels 1.6 miles from Jessop Road to the Warner Creek Trail.

Notch Inn Road Connector Trail - This yellow marked trail connects Notch Inn Road with the Warner Creek Trail/Long Path. Much of the path follows a rocky streambed. It is 0.9 miles from NY 214 to the Warner Creek Trail.

Long Path - The aqua blazed Long Path follows the Mount Tremper Trail to the fire tower in the Phoenicia-Mount Tobias Wild Forest and then continues on along the Warner Creek Trail to take the Long Path into the Indian Head Wilderness.

Mount Tobias - There are no official trails on Mount Tobias, however there are old roads that hikers use to explore the area. Be sure you have a good map and compass if you plan to bushwhack in this remote area. The state land can be reached via an old woods road that travels through private property from Wittenberg Road to Mount Tobias. There is an unmarked parking area on Abbey Road that provides access to this old road and the unmarked trails on Mount Tobias.


Kiosk and start of the Mount Tremper Fire Tower Trail

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