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Hiking in Adirondack Park
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A hike to a perfectly located lean to on a beautiful Adirondack lake is the main feature of this 3.5 mile one way trip in Pigeon Lake Wilderness.  You'll visit the lean to located on Queer Lake.  The scenic spot includes large hemlocks, spruce and white pines as well as large boulders next to the shore for perfect relaxation in the sun.

From the register the trail starts out easy as it runs along a stream before crossing the stream on a footbridge at 0.1 miles.  The trail now winds along the north side of the stream before crossing the stream again on another bridge at 0.7 miles.  There is a flume on the right of the trail prior to the bridge.

The trail passes a serious blow down section on your left before a trail junction near the outlet for Windfall Pond.  The blue marked Chain Ponds Trail goes to the right at 1.1 miles.  Soon after the trail crosses the outlet and continues to ascend as you walk near the north shore of Windfall Pond.  This small pond is lined with downed trees along its shore.

At 1.9 miles there is a short descent along a slope.  The red marked Hermitage Trail comes in on your left at a major junction after 2.2 miles.  The trail straight leads to private property, the Queer Lake Trail turns right and ascends before descending steeply, crossing a stream then turning right at 2.4 miles.  The trail that goes left heads to the private Hermitage Camp.

At 2.5 miles the trail crosses a wetland on puncheon.  At 2.7 miles the trail reaches the junction where the blue marked Chain Ponds Trail comes back in on your right.  The Queer Lake Trail turns left in 40 feet as an unmarked trail goes straight toward the muddy shore of Queer Lake.  There is a primitive campsite set in with the spruce that has a view of the enclosed bay.

The trail crosses a stream with views of Queer Lake on your right.  The trail now ascends steeply then veers right to follow the north shore of the lake.  At 3.0 miles the Mays Pond Trail comes in on your left.  Soon the trail will cross a stream prior to reaching the junction of the red marked trail that leads 0.2 mile to the Queer Lake Lean To. 

There is no sign for the lean to at the trail junction, just the sign for the mileage to Chub Pond.  The side trail that leads to the lean to at first descends before climbing, then descending back toward the shore and the lean to at 3.5 miles of hiking.  There is a privy on your right as you descend.  The lean to has a picnic table, bench and huge boulders next to the shore of Queer Lake.

The location is peaceful and almost perfect.  The lean to is located on a peninsula on the lake.  To return to the trailhead, simply retrace your steps for a seven mile round trip hike.  The Queer Lake Trail continues 2.3 miles to Chub Pond and ends at the junction of the Constable Pond - West Mtn Trail at 2.6 miles.  One could create other hiking options utilizing the other trails in the area.

There are a couple of pictures, a video, map and detailed description of this hike below.

Directions:  From NY 28 in Eagle Bay; drive 3.2 miles north on Big Moose Road to the Windfall Pond Trailhead parking area on the right.

Mileage Elevation Trail Description
0.0 1781 feet

After signing trail register at kiosk, follow trail into woods.

0.1 1808 feet

Cross stream on bridge.

0.7 1885 feet

Cross stream on bridge.

1.1 1930 feet

Junction of the blue disc Chain Ponds Trail on right.

2.2 2030 feet

Junction of the red disc Hermitage Trail on your left.  Queer Lake Trail turns right.  Straight is private property.

2.3 2090 feet

Highest point along this hike.  Trail descends.  Private "Hermitage" camp in view on your left.

2.45 1977 feet

Cross stream and trail turns right.  Trail on left leads to private property (Hermitage Camp).

2.7 1965 feet

Junction of the blue disc Chain Ponds Trail on right.

3.0 2013 feet

Junction of the yellow disc Mays Pond Trail on your left.

3.3 1965 feet

Junction of a red disc trail that leads 0.2 mile to the lean to.  Turn right to lean to.

3.5 1959 feet

Reach the Queer Lake Lean To.  Picnic Table, privy.

Footbridge over North Branch Moose River 

Easy to follow trail to Queer Lake



Queer Lake Lean To


Hiking in Adirondack Park

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