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Rocky Peak


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Standing twentieth in order of height in the Adirondacks at 4420 feet, this peak is also the most easterly of the 46 major peaks.  It is also a rewarding climb as over half of its length is over open ground.  There are a number of spectacular close ups of the west side of Giant Mountain, a good look at the entire Great Range to the west, with Whiteface and Ester to the northeast, Lake Champlain with Vermont's Green Mountain to the east and the Dix Range to the southwest.

As a climb it is quite unique for the Adirondacks since over half its length is on bare open rock but with little scrambling.  There are great views in all directions.  You may also see a cross with the name Eric Engler inscribed on it while hiking along the trail.  He collapsed and died while hiking along the trail in 1990.  He was only 14 years old.

One route for Rocky Peak Ridge is to start from the east at the US 9 trailhead, going up and over Blueberry Cobbles, then Bald Peak and then along the open ridge to the summit. This is a 6+ mile one way hike.  Another approach is from to climb up Giant first from the Chapel Pond trailhead and then head over on the ridgeline east to this peak.  This route is just over four miles one way to Rocky Peak Ridge and includes a side trip to Giant Mountain (another ADK 46er).

The GPS coordinates of the large parking area along US 9 is N44 08.987 W73 37.608.



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