Hiking in Central New York Hiking in Chenango County Rogers Environmental Education Center
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Hiking in Chenango County
Rogers Environmental Education Center

Visitor Center


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Here is an easy, pleasant 2.5 mile loop hike features much of what the trails near the visitor center have to offer.  Be sure that you explore inside the visitor center to check out the exhibits.  This loop hike starts from the main parking area off NY 80.  The parking area also has numerous picnic tables and grills, so when your finished with this hike you can have a pleasant picnic before heading off to do the Farm Tower Loop.

Take the paved path past the kiosks to the bridge over Ice Pond.  Follow the paved path past the rest rooms on your left to the visitor center on your left.  Go inside and explore the visitor center prior to heading out for your hike.  The visitor center is open weekdays from 8:30am to 4:45pm and Saturdays from 1pm to 4:45pm.  During June through August the visitor center is also open on Sunday from 1pm to 4:45pm.

After exploring the visitor center, turn left and continue along the main path.  Pass an exhibit for composting and reach a trail register (there was nothing to sign when we visited).  Turn right to follow the Spruce Ridge Trail.  You'll take this trail to it's end and then turning right onto the South Trail.  Cross a stream on a bridge at 0.75 miles and take the South Trail past your first views of the Chenango River.  There is a bench near one of the views of the river at 0.9 miles.

The South Trail ends and you'll turn right onto the Channels Trail at 1.0 miles.  There is a side trail on your left that leads a short distance to a blind on the Channels Marsh.  At 1.2 miles turn right onto the Boundary Trail and then make another right (passing a couple of trails on your left) to start your loop of this trail.  At 1.4 miles is the best view that includes the Chenango River with the hills in the background.  At 1.7 miles turn right to finish the loop and head back to the Channels Trail.

Stay straight across the footbridge on the Channels Trail then turn left taking a side trail that leads to an observation deck on Channels Marsh.  You may see some turtles sunning themselves nearby.  Head back to the Channels Trail, staying straight (don't cross the footbridge you went over earlier).  At 2.0 miles pass a side trail on your left that goes to another blind.

Soon at the next trail junction, stay straight on the North Loop Trail.  This trail will wind it's way back to near the visitor center, coming out at an amphitheatre.  Cross the grass and service road to the main paved trail.  Turn right and head back to the parking area, crossing the bridge over Ice Pond.

There are a few pictures, a video and a map of this easy hike.  We recommend that you print out the official DEC map of the Visitor Center Trails.

Chenango River

Boardwalk to observation deck

Bench along the trail



Hiking in Central New York Hiking in Chenango County Rogers Environmental Education Center

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