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NOTES:  This short, easy loop hike of 2.3 miles utilizes 1.2 miles of a newer section of the North Country Trail that was constructed in 2007.  This hike takes you into a section of Morgan Hill State Forest that normally doesn't get too many visitors. The overall elevation gain is 277 feet for this simple hike that can be enjoyed by all.

Directions:  From Lafayette, US 20 East then right on Apulia Road.  Turn left on NY 80 East, then right on Bailey Rd.  Veer right onto Shackham Rd and then at a four-way crossing of a unsigned dirt road turn left.  This seasonal dirt road is called Onondaga One Rd (AKA Herlihy Rd extention).  In 0.2 mile reach the North Country Trail crossing.  There is parking on the side of the road. This is Morgan Hill State Forest.

There is better parking where Onondaga One Road meets Morgan Hill Road/Rowley Hill Road or you can park at the intersection of Shackham Road and Onondaga One Road. It is a 0.2 mile walk to the North Country Trail crossing, meaning you will add 0.4 miles to your hike.

The GPS coordinates for the Shackham Rd/Onondaga Rd junction is N42 47.685 W76 00.586. The GPS coordinates for the North Country Trail crossing of Onondaga One Road is N42 47.743 W76 00.377 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.

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Mile Elevation Description
0.0 1509 ft

From Onondaga One Road, follow the blue blazes north into the forest.  This is the North Country Trail. 

0.4 1509 ft Scrappy campsite is off to the left near the scenic stream.
1.2 1539 ft

Reach seasonal dirt Rowley Hill Road. Turn right and follow dirt road up hill. No blazes.


1.5 1646 ft

Pass yellow gate and reach intersection.  Turn right on dirt Onondaga One Road.

2.3 1509 ft

Reach the crossing of the North Country Trail and the end of this loop hike.

Blue blazed North Country Trail in Morgan Hill State Forest

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