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Fox Hollow



This short 1.2 mile easy loop hike makes a delightful history hike to an old homestead area.  An interpretive pamphlet is available for $1 (2006 price) at the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center.  This hike starts from the visitor center located at milepost 4.6 of Skyline Drive.  The trail is suitable for everyone.

From the visitor center parking area, cross Skyline Drive and turn left on the Dickey Ridge Trail at the cement post.  After 0.2 miles along the Dickey Ridge Trail, turn right onto the Fox Hollow Trail at the cement post.  Now your walking on the ground where Thomas and Martha Fox started farming in 1856. 

The area is now a forest, but in 1935 the extended family lived in several frame houses between the cleared pastures.  The trail winds where the Fox family once lived and you will probably see evidence of their life from so long ago.  You will pass rock piles.  Rocks were added to the piles each year when the family plowed the cornfield.  Some of the rocks are huge boulders.  Watch out for snakes in the rocks.

Gravestone at the Fox family cemetery

Although only a few gravestones remain in the old Fox cemetery, generations of the Fox family are buried here.  The square rock wall is made out of the local greenstone.  The gravestones are made out of sandstone.  Did you notice the millstone by the trail?  According the an ancestor of the Fox family, it was used as a walkway.  The small stream you will cross soon could never have supported a mill.

As the trail turns right you'll pass the rock foundation of a barn belonging to Edgar Merchant, a neighbor to the Fox family.  A short section of trail here is on the former Merchant property.  After the turn you're walking along part of the old county road which connected the Fox family with Front Royal.

As you continue on the trail, look for a large old sycamore tree on your left.  Back in the 1920's this tree stood by itself on the hill.  At 1.1 miles you will reach another cement post and cross the Dickey Ridge Trail before reaching the visitor center in another 0.1 mile.

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