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At 4528 feet, Saddleback Mountain is the seventeenth highest peak in the Adirondacks.  This peak is located along what is considered the most spectacular stretch of trail in Adirondack Park.  The 0.2 mile summit ridge of this mountain has peaks on each end with a pronounced dip in between, giving the mountain a profile of a saddle.  This peak is one of the ADK 46ers.

The trail as you ascend toward Saddleback has a very steep section which includes one crazy rock scramble that may not be suitable for everyone.  There are numerous open sections of trail which include walks next to dangerous cliffs.  Care should be taken while hiking to this peak, especially those continuing to Basin Mountain.  This is where the most of treacherous section of trail is located.

There are great views from the summit of Saddleback Mountain as there is along many points on the Range Trail.  The most popular route to Saddleback is from the Gardens trailhead in Keene. It is a long strenuous 6+ mile hike to the summit with an elevation gain over 3000 feet.  There are other hikes to Saddleback including adding more of the 46er peaks.



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