Hiking in Adirondack Park

West-Central Adirondacks Blue Ridge Wilderness
Hiking in the Adirondacks
West Central Adirondacks
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A hike to Sagamore Cascades features a walk to a set of small cascades.

The Sagamore Cascades Trail is now part of the Blue Ridge Wilderness of Adirondack Park.  Hikers can find the small trailhead on Sagamore Lake Road about 2.9 miles from NY 28.  The small parking area is on the left, just before the one lane bridge over South Inlet.  Because the trail travels into state land designated as Wilderness, only foot travel is allowed.  No bikes allowed, as the sign states at the start of the trail.

The 1.4 mile trail travels along a ridge on the west side of South Inlet and drops about 150 feet in elevation.  The descent is so gradual and gentle, you should not even notice the drop in elevation.  The whole hike is a 2.8 mile out and back round trip.  There is the Powerhouse Trail on the other side of South Inlet at the cascades that would make a nice loop hike, however there is no longer a bridge over the cascades to reach the trail.  You could try to cross, however it is not recommended.  Plus the Powerhouse Trail is usually very wet and muddy.

The trail starts past a few large boulders in the parking area and follows blue DEC plastic markers.  The trail is easy to follow and eventually you'll start to hear South Inlet on your right.  At 1.1 miles the trail travels across an open area.  We are unsure why this clearing is at the point.  At 1.3 miles the trail passes by South Inlet as you make your final push to the cascades.  At 1.4 miles reach the cascades at the former site of a bridge over South Inlet.  There is nothing that remains of the bridge that once stood here.

There are minor paths that will take you to a few vantage points of the Cascades.  This is a great spot to explore and for a picnic. I was surprised that I didn't see any primitive campsites at such a scenic location in the Adirondacks. We would suggest doing this hike along with the 3.8 mile Sagamore Lake Loop.  Look below for a few pictures, a video and a trail map of this easy hike.


Sagamore Cascades Trail

Looking downstream from the cascades



Hiking in Adirondack Park

West-Central Adirondacks Blue Ridge Wilderness

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