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The Saranac Lake 6er challenge was created in 2013 by the village of Saranac Lake as a destination tourism program whereby visiting hikers are encouraged to climb the six major peaks encircling Saranac Lake. Those who finish hiking the six peaks can can apply to the village for certification and receive a patch and bumper sticker as well as their official number which is given in order of application receipt.

There are three different patches available: “The 6er,” for climbing all 6 peaks; “The Ultra 6er,” for climbing the six mountains within 24 consecutive hours; and the “Winter 6er,” for climbing all the peaks during the winter months. You can find more information on this hiking challenge from the official Saranac Lake 6er website.

List of the Saranac Lake 6er's

Baker Mountain 2452 feet Haystack Mountain 2864 feet Saint Regis Mountain 2874 feet
Scarface Mountain 3054 feet Ampersand Mountain 3353 feet McKenzie Mountain 3822 feet

Of the six mountains, Baker Mountain is usually the first climbed by those attempting to become a Saranac Lake 6er. McKenzie Mountain is actually higher than Couchsachraga Peak, which needs to be climbed by those attempting to join the ADK 46er club. Saint Regis Mountain has a fire tower that the DEC plans on restoring in the future and is part of the ADK Fire Tower Challenge.  Below is some information from the official Saranac Lake 6er website.

To become an official “Saranac Lake 6er” you must climb all 6 mountains on or after May 25, 2013 and then send the following information to the village of Saranac Lake:

1. Date you climbed each of the six mountains
2. Time (at the summit) of the mountain you finished on
3. Your mailing and email address
4. $5 for postage and handling

Once the Village of Saranac Lake receives your correctly completed information, each finisher will be sent a confirmation letter with an official member number (all numbers awarded in order of completed applications received) plus a “6er” patch and sticker. Your name will be added to the member roster. Please include $5 for postage & handling, with checks made payable to the Village of Saranac Lake, and mail to:

Village of Saranac Lake
Saranac Lake 6ers
39 Main Street
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

‘Ring the Bell’. Tradition will have it that once a person finishes climbing the Saranac Lake 6 then he or she is entitled to ring. “The 6er Bell” which will be erected upon Berkeley Green in the heart of the village of Saranac Lake.

You may take as long as you wish to climb the 6 peaks, even if it takes many years.

If you finish the 6 peaks in a continuous 24 hours, then you become an “Ultra 6er.”

For those attempting to become an ‘Ultra 6er’, hikers must:
1. Leave from Berkeley Green
2. End at Berkeley Green
3. Complete all 6 climbs within a continuous 24 hour period
4. Send the following information to us:
Date you climbed the six mountains
Time (at the summit) of the mountain you finished on
Your mailing and email address
$5 for postage and handling



Hiking in Adirondack Park

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