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Seacord Hill


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Directions:  From Cortland NY 13 North to Truxton, NY.  Turn right on Cheningo Road.  Road turns into Taylor Valley Rd.  Turn left into the Cheningo Day Use Area and park here.

Notes:  A 4.1 mile loop hike with an elevation change of over 700 feet makes this hike a bit of a challenge.  Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the picnic tables under the pavilion at the day use area when you finish your hike.

Mile Elevation Description
0.0 1224 ft

From the Day Use Area, turn right on Taylor Valley Road.

0.2 1199 ft

Turn right on the seasonal dirt road (Seacord Hill Rd).

0.7 1405 ft

Seacord Hill Road veers right.

1.3 1703 ft

Another seasonal road is on the left (Angel Hill Rd).  Continue on Seacord Hill Rd.

1.7 1876 ft

Seacord Hill summit is 0.2 mile to the left.  Continue on Seacord Hill Rd.

2.3 1906 ft

A grassy road is on the right.  Turn right and follow grassy (dirt) road. Can be a bush whack.

2.6 1911 ft

North Country Trail crossing.  Turn right on the NCT & follow white blazes.

2.9 1857 ft

Private land is to the left.  Trail begins descending.

3.4 1748 ft

Trail descends more steeply.

3.7 1561 ft

Trail descends on switchbacks.

4.0 1240 ft

Entering Cheningo Day Use Area. 

4.1 1224 ft

Reach parking area and end of this loop hike.

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