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The trail to Sunday Lake is really a forest access road that leads to a campsite on the shore of the lake.  However this forest road gets somewhat rough and after 0.3 miles you'll see a turnaround at a quagmire from all the 4x4 vehicles attempting to make it all the way to the lake.

The Sunday Lake Road from McCarthy Road travels 0.4 miles to the shoreline, so why not park along McCarthy Road and take a pleasant walk along the dirt road to Sunday Lake.  At 0.3 miles pass the turnaround and the quagmire.  The DEC sign says 0.5 miles (it's 0.4 miles).

The road begins to climb a bit and passes a privy on your right.  Now it's a gentle decline along a ridgeline to the shore.  There is a small campsite located at the shoreline.  It's unfortunate that the NY DEC hasn't limited on how far you can drive on Sunday Lake Road.  It's more pleasant as a nice short hike to a beautiful Adirondack lake.

Below find a few pictures, a video and map of the hike to Sunday Lake. 

Directions:  Number Four Rd aka Stillwater Road to McCarthy Road.  There is a large parking area, DEC sign at the junction of Stillwater Rd/McCarthy Rd.  Drive 0.4 miles along McCarthy Road to the Sunday Lake DEC sign.  Park along side of McCarthy Road.

Hiking along Sunday Lake (Road) Trail

Campsite on Sunday Lake



Hiking in Adirondack Park

Independence River Wild Forest West-Central Adirondacks

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