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The fire tower that once stood on the top of Tooley Pond Mountain was removed years ago and now sits on Cathedral Rock.  The clearing where the fire tower once stood still provides views for those hiking to the summit.  There is an East Trail and West Trail to Tooley Pond Mountain.  When combined with a short road walk, you can create a pleasant 2.1 mile loop hike.

Located off Tooley Pond Road in the Grass River Wild Forest of the northwestern region of Adirondack Park you'll find this overlooked gem.  This hike has an overall elevation gain of 229 feet and can be enjoyed by everyone.  Be sure to stop at Tooley Pond before heading to the main parking area for the Tooley Pond Mountain Trail.  The scenic pond is popular with kayakers and fisherman.

The main parking area for Tooley Pond Mountain is located just north of Tooley Pond, on the right off Tooley Pond Road.  There is a DEC sign at one of the entrances to the parking area.  The GPS coordinates of the parking area are N44 16.526 W74 55.233 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.  The parking area is 5.85 miles along Tooley Pond Road from NY 3 and Cranberry Lake.

The parking area has a designated campsite (accessible) with a privy.  This hike starts at the parking area. Walk toward Tooley Pond Road and turn right, following the road briefly.  At 0.08 miles there is a small sign that marks the start of the off road trail on the left. Turn and follow the red marked trail into the forest, soon reaching a trail register.  This trail is known as the East Trail in some guide books.  The start of the hike is fairly level and at 0.3 miles reach a trail junction.  The trail turns right here.  To the left the trail leads toward a thru the trees view of Tooley Pond.

The trail does a quick climb, only to descend again.  At 0.4 miles, after crossing a seasonal stream, the trail begins its steady climb of Tooley Pond Mountain.  At 0.8 miles reach the West Trail and turn left, continuing the last push to the summit.  At 0.85 reach the clearing at the summit.  You may find some remnants of the old fire tower.  There is still a view, however soon the view will disappear with the encroaching forest.

To continue the loop hike, follow the West Trail from the summit and veer left at the trail junction (right is the trail you just came up the mountain on).  The trail descends quickly and at 1.3 miles cross a small footbridge.  At 1.5 miles reach the paved road and turn right, following the road back to the parking area.  At 2.1 miles reach the parking area and your vehicle to mark the end of this hike.

Look below for a few pictures, a couple of trail maps and a video of this hike.


Trail heading into the forest

Trail is marked with red DEC markers


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