Hiking in Central New York Hiking in Chenango County Whaupaunaucau State Forest
Hiking in Chenango County
Whaupaunaucau State Forest

Loop Hike


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Here's a short 1.6 mile loop hike in the 1188 acre Whaupaunaucau State Forest that will give you a slight taste of what this state forest has to offer and will hopefully make you want to explore the forest further.  This short loop is easy with a 219 foot elevation gain and can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

As you enter this state forest on dirt Post Road you'll pass a yellow gate.  Drive a bit further up the dirt road to a dirt road that leads to a large parking area that will be on your left.  This is the trailhead for this hike and could be used for other hikes also.  It is the parking area for Jeffrey's Pond.  We were the only car on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in July 2010.  We had the forest all to ourselves.

From the parking area, take the herd path in the middle of the lot and descend toward Jeffrey's Pond.  Climb up the pond embankment and at 0.1 mile you'll notice a wooden post that says Trail 16.  Turn right and follow Trail 16 into the forest.  At 0.2 miles reach a trail junction and veer left onto Trail 17.  You should start to see the green metal roof of the lean to in the distance.

Reach the lean to at 0.25 miles on your right.  You will be turning left onto Trail 20.  Trail 17 crosses the footbridge in front of lean to (if you cross the bridge, you've missed Trail 20).  Trail 20 descends gently and at 0.5 miles reaches Trail 19.  Veer right onto Trail 19 and continue your descent until reaching dirt Post Road at 0.6 miles.  The kiosk and register is a bit to your right on Post Rd.

Jog right across the road to the trail sign (this was a bit overgrown when we visited).  Turn onto Trail 1 and ascend, soon entering a dark pine forest.  At 0.9 miles the trail turns left and at 1.0 miles the trail turns right.  This turn can easily be missed.  Soon the trail crosses a wet and boggy section.

At 1.2 miles, Trail 1 turns left at the junction of Trail 2.  Turn left and continue to follow Trail 1.  The hike become more level for a brief time before descending toward Post Rd.  At 1.6 miles reach Post Road and follow the parking area access road back to your vehicle to finish this short hike.

Look below for a video and map of this great hike.  Check out our Whaupaunaucau State Forest page for more info about this state forest as well as a map featuring all the hiking trails.




Hiking in Central New York Hiking in Chenango County Whaupaunaucau State Forest

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