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A great loop hike that utilizes 1.5 miles of seasonal dirt roads and 1.6 miles of the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail in Cuyler Hill State Forest.  This loop features scenic Wiltsey Glen.  This moderate 3.1 mile loop hike has an overall elevation gain of 421 feet.   If your looking for a longer hike try the Wiltsey Glen Figure 8 Loop or Randall Hill Loop.   For those looking for more of a challenge try the nine mile Cuyler Hill State Forest Loop which has a 1100+ foot elevation gain.

This hike begins by walking along Randall Hill Road after parking your vehicle along the side of the road near the crossing of the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail.  At 0.4 miles the road passes a large field on your left.  You'll also pass a smaller field on your right.  You may also notice an area that shows signs of recent logging.  When we hiked this last on 6/8/2010 we saw many logs left in one of the fields near the road.

At 0.5 miles you'll notice a deep ravine on your right along the road.  This is the start of Wiltsey Glen.  this hike will take you about a half a mile further down the ravine.  At 0.6 miles you reach a four corners intersection.  Turn right here.  Although it is not signed, you are now on Potter Hill - Cemetery Road.  You may notice a campsite on the left in the forest after you turn on the road.

There were interesting "fire lane" rows with wooden stakes wrapped in some sort of a plastic cover on your right.  We noticed three or four of these "fire lane" type rows along Pottery Hill - Cemetery Road when we hiked this on 6/8/10.  Are you noticing the large ravine on your left along the road?

At 1.5 miles you reach the crossing of the Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail.  Turn right onto the FLT/NCT and ascend, following the white blazes.  You will be following the white blazes of the FLT/NCT for the remainder of this hike.  Your climbing a part of Randall Hill, which is a main feature in Cuyler Hill State Forest.  The FLT/NCT follows this hill for a main part in the forest and even crosses its main summit further north at 2087 feet.

At 1.6 miles you cross a newly built logging road.  This state forest was heavily logged from 2007-2009 with more logging happening to the south in the Potter Hill area in 2009-2010.  This area seems to be a wet section of trail.  At 1.7 miles there is an orange blazed trail on your right.  We are unsure where this trail leads to.  At 1.8 miles reach the highest point along this loop hike at 1880 feet.

Now begin a descent and then cross a small brook.  The trail climbs briefly before finally making the main descent to Wiltsey Glen.  Reach the small camping area in Wiltsey Glen at 2.8 miles.  This area is a very scenic area and is worth a stop to enjoy your surroundings.  At 2.95 miles cross the small stream and begin your ascent toward Randall Hill Road.

At 3.1 miles reach Randall Hill Road and the end of this great loop hike.  Look below for pictures, a video, a map and detailed description of this hike.  The section of the North Country Trail from Potter Hill - Cemetery Road to Randall Hill Road is one of our best of the NCT in NY.

Directions:  From Truxton, NY take NY 13 North and turn right just past the "Cuyler" sign, then another right onto Linklaen Rd.  Turn right on Cuyler Hill Rd and then left on Enzes Rd (Seasonal Dirt Road).  Take Enzes Rd to the end and veer left onto Randall Hill Rd aka Linklaen Hill Rd (no signs). 

In less than a half mile you will see where the Finger Lakes Trail/North Country Trail crosses the road.  Park on the shoulder here.  This is the trailhead.  GPS coordinates are N42 40.890 W75 54.680

Mile Elevation Description
0.0 1781 ft

Continue down the dirt Randall Hill Rd.

0.4 1836 ft

Large field on left.

0.5 1857 ft

Large ravine on right is the start of Wiltsey Glen.

0.6 1868 ft

At 4-corners turn right on dirt Potter Hill-Cemetery Rd (no Signs).

1.5 1813 ft

Turn right on the white blazed Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail.  Begin to ascend.

1.6 1832 ft

Cross a newly built logging road.

1.7 1859 ft

Orange Trail on your right.

1.8 1880 ft

Reach high point of this hike, begin to descend.

2.3 1732 ft

Begin to ascend.

2.7 1834 ft

Begin descent toward Wiltsey Glen.

2.8 1716 ft

Reach Wiltsey Glen.  Camping area on right.

2.95 1680 ft

Cross stream.  Ascend.

3.1 1781 ft

Reach dirt Randall Hill Road and your vehicle.

Hiking along Randall Hill Road

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