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Blackhead Range


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Located just north of the overly popular of the North-South Lake Campground is the 18000 acre Windham Blackhead Range Wilderness. The Escarpment Trail travels through the wilderness and offers hikers many spectacular views. The Long Path coincides with the Escarpment Trail. While the Escarpment Trail is the most popular in the wilderness, the Black Dome Trail also sees a lot of hiking traffic and is also referred to as the Blackhead Range Trail.

The most popular hiking destinations within the wilderness include traversing the Escarpment Trail as well as day hikes to scenic points along the trail, such as North Point, Windham High Peak, Burnt Knob and Acra Point. Other popular hikes include the mountains on the Blackhead Range (Thomas Cole Mountain, Black Dome and Blackhead Mountain).

Here is a list of the trailheads that will give hikers access to the Windham Blackhead Range Wilderness:

  • Escarpment Trail northern terminus, NY 23/Cross Road. GPS coordinates N42 18.758 W74 11.389

  • Escarpment Trail southern terminus, Schutt Road near North-South Lake Campground. GPS coordinates N42 12.063 W74 03.471

  • Elm Ridge Trail parking area at the end of Peck Road. GPS coordinates N42 17.749 W74 10.148

  • Black Dome Trail parking area near end of County Route 56. GPS coordinates N42 17.343 W74 06.863

  • Black Dome Trail parking area at end of Barnum Road. GPS coordinates N42 15.821 W74 10.594

  • Colgate Lake Trail parking area near Colgate Lake. GPS coordinates N42 14.330 W74 06.981

  • Dutcher Notch Trail trailhead at end of Storks Nest Road. GPS coordinates N42 15.112 W74 03.238

You can also use the trails out of North-South Campground to reach the wilderness.


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