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The 4316 acre Wolf Lake State Forest features well maintained hiking trails in the forest as well as three lean to's available for overnight backpacking trips. Some of the trails and the three lean–to's in the interior were constructed by the Youth Conservation Corps. This is a wonderful place for a backcountry overnight hiking trip. Be sure to check out the featured Moon/Wolf/Huckleberry Lake Loop. There is a link to a map of the trails at the bottom of this page in pdf.  There is also a map below. The panorama above is Moon Lake.



Talcville to Moon Lake Trail

This 2.7 mile trail (blue markers) leads to Moon Lake, smallest (10 acres) of the three named lakes in the area. You will find beaver activity along this trail and most of the others. Moon Lake trail existed before the state purchased the land and has since been maintained by the DEC. The Department built the lean–to on Moon Lake.

Moon Lake to Wolf Lake Trail

This 0.6 mile trail (blue markers) leads to a lean–to on the northwest shore of Wolf Lake. The 25-acre lake has some excellent camping sites and good bass fishing.

Moon Lake to Huckleberry Lake Trail

This 1.7 mile trail (yellow markers) leads to the lean–to on the southeast shore of Huckleberry Lake. The lake is heavily used throughout the year, especially during bass fishing season. It is quite large at approximately 55 acres and offering excellent fishing.

Talcville to Huckleberry Lake Trail

This 2.2 mile trail (yellow markers) is a reasonably good carry for canoes or small boats to Huckleberry Lake. The last ¼ mile passes through a stand of native white pine ranging up to 30 inches in diameter. When you reach Huckleberry Lake on this trail, you will be standing on the west boundary of the State Forest. This line runs approximately due north across the lake from this point.

Sam Day Road to Wolf Lake Trail

This 3.9 mile trail (yellow markers) begins at the extension of the Sam Day Road and leads to the Wolf Lake lean–to.

Sam Day Road to Moon Lake Trail (Beaver Ponds Trail)

This 5.0 mile trail (red markers) leads the hiker along old beaver ponds on Huckleberry Lake Outlet. The starting point on the north is reached by turning west off Sam Day Road and walking 0.3 miles to an old farm site. This trail offers some nice vistas across the beaver marshes and many good spots from which to observe wildlife. You will find a lean–to one and three quarters miles to the south of the starting point.

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