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In the Catskills there are thirty-five peaks that are over 3,500 feet in elevation and are noted in the Catskill 3500 Club. The Catskill 67 are the next highest peaks in the Catskills, of which, 63 are over 3,000 feet in elevation. These peaks are featured in a hiking guide, The Catskill 67, a recommended book from the ADK Mountain Club. Woodhull Mountain at 3040 feet is the 92ndh highest point in the Catskills, or #57 for the Catskill 67.

The hike to Woodhull Mountain requires a bushwhack and most hikers include another Catskill 67er that is located close by, Van Wyck Mountain. The big challenge is to find where to start this bushwhack, as you'll need to find access to public land that is mixed with private property. You'll find Porcupine Road at GPS coordinates N41 56.455 W74 28.173. Find a place to park that is blocking anyone and walk past the numerous homes and camps toward the end of Porcupine Road. There is a metal cable that marks the end of the main road, however a rough road continues on. You'll need to bushwhack from the road to Woodhull Mountain when you get into public land. From Woodhull Mountain you can reach Van Wyck Mountain by following the ridge.

Another popular route to reach Van Wyck Mountain is to bushwhack from County Route 42 along the southern ridge of the mountain. There is wreckage from two airplane crashes on the ridge. To find the starting point along County Route 42, use the GPS coordinates N41 54.974 W74 26.078. From Van Wyck Mountain you can follow the ridge to Woodhull Mountain. To get more detailed info on Woodhull Mountain and other Catskill 67 hikes, we recommend purchasing the hiking guide The Catskill 67. The book gives more info on the different routes to this mountain. Look below for topographic maps of Woodhull Mountain to help assist in planning your hiking adventure.


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