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High Rock, Raven Rock


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Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks

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For north bound hikers this is the final section of the Appalachian Trail in Maryland.  This section features the views from Raven Rock, High Rock and Pen Mar County Park. This 10.1 mile section of the trail takes the AT over the Mason - Dixon Line and into Pennsylvania.

This section begins as the trail crosses MD 17 and at 0.2 miles the blue blazed side trail on the left leads to the Ensign Cowall Shelter.  This shelter, built in 1999, sleeps eight with a privy nearby.  At 0.3 miles the AT turns left and briefly follows a private driveway.  At 0.4 miles pass between two garages and follow old road into woods. 

At 0.5 miles cross a power line clearing, then bear left and follow the far edge of the clearing.  At 0.8 miles the AT bears right away from the power lines.  At 1.4 miles the trail bears left and follows the edge of an open field.  The trail reenters the woods and at 1.8 miles crosses MD 77.  The trail travels across a field before entering the woods. 

Traveling through a field north of MD 77

At 3.4 miles cross Warner Gap Road.  There is very limited parking at this trail crossing.  At 4.3 miles the trail crosses MD 491.  There is some room for cars to park on the shoulder of MD 491 near where the trail crosses the road.  From here the AT ascends steeply toward Ravens Rock. At 4.5 miles a side trail leads 100 feet to a view from Raven Rock Cliff.  At 5.3 miles reach the Raven Rock Shelter. This shelter, built in 2010, sleeps 16 and has numerous tenting as well as hammock sites nearby.

The trail reaches the highest point along the AT in Maryland at 1905 feet at 6.2 miles.  At 6.9 miles the main trail turns left as blue blazed High Rock Loop Trail leads 0.1 mile to High Rock.  High Rock has a spectacular view as well as a parking area for about 15 cars.  The GPS coordinates are N39 41.694 W77 31.404 for those who have a GPS devise in their vehicle.

AT hikers have a choice --> View or no view

View from High Rock

At 7.0 miles the High Rock Loop Trail comes back to the AT on the right.  The Appalachian Trail descends steeply, losing over 400 feet in elevation in a half mile as the trail travels over steep rock fields.  At 7.5 miles the trail passes in between two boulders and the trail becomes very rocky as well as hard to follow.  Watch the white blazes closely!

The trail will cross three unused forest roads.  Each of the roads lead toward High Rock Road on the right.  The trail follows an old railroad grade into Pen Mar County Park.  At 9.8 miles enter the grassy area of the county park.  At 10.0 miles turn left off old grade, following railroad maintenance road and cross active railroad tracks.

The Appalachian Trail at Pen Mar County Park

Soon after the track crossing the Appalachian Trail enters the state of Pennsylvania and crosses the Mason - Dixon Line.  At 10.1 miles reach PA 550 and the end of this section.  For north bound thru hikers, you have now entered 'Rocksylvania', where hiking boots go to die...

Welcome to Pennsylvania on the Appalachian Trail

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Appalachian Trail in Maryland
MD 17 to PA 550
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