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The Great Eastern Trail enters the small Village of Addison on Cleveland Drive after descending from Pinnacle State Park.  This is the start of this six mile section of the Great Eastern Trail aka Crystal Hills Trail.  The village of Addison has a population of around 1800 and is located along the banks of the Canisteo River.  You'll find restaurants, grocery stores among other merchants in the village.  However, there are no over night accommodations located in the village (that we saw). 

Village of Addison sign along Cleveland Drive

The GET leaves Pinnacle State Park at the gate along the old Pinnacle Road on Cleveland Drive (Vastbinder Road on the map below).  Turn left and follow the paved road.  Soon pass the Village of Addison sign.  At 0.5 miles reach the Canisteo River Access Site with picnic tables and grills. 

Canisteo River Access Site along Cleveland Drive

At 1.0 miles reach the junction of South Street.  The trail turns right onto South Street and immediately crosses Tuscarora Creek over a bridge.  At 1.15 miles you'll reach a traffic light and a major intersection which includes NY 417 aka Main Street.  The trail crosses this busy road at the light and follows Main Street (NY 417) through downtown Addison.

Downtown Addison

At 1.3 miles you'll cross the Canisteo River and the trail veers right following NY 417.  At 1.4 miles turn left onto Wall Street and shortly the trail veers right through a small park.  The trail soon follows Maple Street.  At 2.1 miles you'll reach a cemetery and Ames Street at a stop sign.  You'll see busy NY 417 and an Acorn Gas Station/Store nearby. 

Turn left and enter the cemetery, following the orange blazes in the cemetery. After traveling for a bit in the cemetery, the trail turns into the woods at 2.45 miles.  Your traveling on private property, please stay on the marked trail.  After walking parallel to a private airplane runway and then a X-mas tree farm the trail reaches a junction with a blue blazed trail that heads steeply 0.25 miles to NY 417. 

The trail now follows old woods roads on private property except where the trail crosses Goodhue Creek and the field prior to Mose Road.  Be sure to follow the orange blazes closely as there is a maze of woods roads in the area, especially after crossing Goodhue Creek.  At 3.8 miles reach a nice meadow and the junction of a blue blazed trail that leads 0.25 miles to a small waterfall. 

At 4.25 miles cross Goodhue Creek (easy cross, except in periods of high water).  After crossing the trail travels through an area of brambles and heavy vegetation along a mowed path before turning right on a woods road.  This path looks like it could become easily overgrown if its not mowed.

On this side of Goodhue Creek is a maze of old woods roads.  Be sure your following the orange blazes carefully as you can easily miss a turn a become lost in this forest.  You will pass a private cabin on your way to the open field just before Mose Road.  This section ends on Mose Road near Beeman Hollow Road.

The GET is currently a work in progress.  This currently ends the blazed section of trail until West Hill State Forest to the north.  Other sections are being built to fill in the gaps.  We have a few pictures, a video, map and detailed description of this section of the Great Eastern Trail.  We have included the GPS coordinates below on the major trailheads along this section.

Waterfall along Goodhue Creek

Great Eastern Trail

Mile Elevation Great Eastern Trail Description (follow orange blazes)
0.0 984 feet

From gated access road on Pinnacle State Park, turn left on Cleveland Drive, following road.  Parking.

GPS Coordinates --> N42 06.414 W77 13.102

0.5 981 feet

Canisteo River Access Site with picnic tables and grills. Parking.

1.0 993 feet

Turn right on South Street and cross Tuscarora Creek.

1.15 997 feet

Traffic light for NY 417/Main Street. Cross road and turn right following Main Street/NY 417.

1.3 975 feet

Cross the Canisteo River, veer right continuing to follow NY 417.

1.4 1008 feet

Turn left on Wall Road, then veer right through a small town park then follow Maple Street.

2.1 1016 feet

At 4-way stop at Ames Road turn left into cemetery following dirt road. Parking along shoulder.

GPS Coordinates --> N42 06.780 W77 13.266

2.45 1032 feet

Turn left into woods from cemetery.  Hiking on private property.

2.7 1174 feet

Pass through gate. Be sure to secure gate behind you.  Views.

2.8 1211 feet

Cross private dirt road. Airplane hanger on left. Trail travels parallel to private airplane runway.

3.25 1198 feet

Trail turns left following edge of field/christmas tree farm.

3.3 1197 feet

Junction of blue blazed trail on right that leads steeply 0.25 miles to NY 417.  Straight following woods road.

3.45 1210 feet

Steep descent along woods road.  Views of large ravine and Goodhue Creek on right.

3.7 1130 feet

Trail turns right following old woods road.

3.8 1108 feet

Meadow. Blue blazed trail on right leads 0.25 miles to a small waterfall.

4.15 1113 feet

Trail veers right.

4.25 1124 feet

Cross Goodhue Creek.  Across creek trail travels through brambles and thick vegetated area on a mowed path.

4.35 1147 feet

Turn right on woods road.  Climb steeply.

4.4 1178 feet

Turn left on woods road.

4.5 1261 feet

Turn right on woods road.

5.25 1433 feet

Turn left on woods road.

5.5 1454 feet

Turn left on woods road.

5.55 1454 feet

Turn right on woods road.

5.85 1433 feet

Veer right on woods road and soon pass a private cabin on your left.

5.95 1358 feet

Enter open field.  Views.  Veer left.  Tough to follow trail here toward Mose Road.

6.0 1331 feet

Reach Mose Road.  Shoulder parking. Turn right and follow dirt road.  End of this section.

GPS Coordinates --> N42 08.285 W77 12.405


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