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This 7.6 mile section of the Great Eastern Trail begins at the northern terminus of Pennsylvania's Mid State Trail on the New York/Pennsylvania border at State Line Road.  This is the start of the GET in New York State.  This whole section is currently (as of 4/14/2010) following country roads from the NY/PA border to Pinnacle State Park. 

Entering New York state along the Great Eastern Trail

The trail enters New York at the corner of State Line Road and Heffner Hollow Road.  There is a wooden sign that marks the Mid State Trail and its 526 km to the Maryland state line.  The Great Eastern Trail follows the Mid State Trail in Pennsylvania.  Heading south, the GET follows Heffner Hollow Road to Bliss Road (1.7 miles) and Tompkins Campground along Cowanesque Lake

Watson Creek Road

At the NY/PA border Heffner Hollow Road becomes Mayo Road.  Follow the dirt road for 0.6 miles and turn left onto Watson Creek Road.  At 1.2 miles turn left on Casson Road.  At 1.8 miles turn right on Libert Pole Road.  Soon on your left is the Liberty Pole Cemetery from 1811.

Liberty Pole Cemetery

At 2.2 miles you'll reach the highest point along this section of the GET at 1799 feet and nice views.  The road descends toward County Route 5 and you'll follow County Route 5 briefly before staying straight on Stead School Road.  You'll follow this road for nearly three miles until the trail turns left onto Stewart Road.

Liberty Pole Road view

You'll climb as you walk along Stewart Road until you reach Orr Hill Road.  There are some views behind you as you turn right and follow Orr Hill Road.  This road will take you to the first off road section of the GET in New York after 7.6 miles of road walking.  This section ends at the "road closed" sign at the corner of Orr Hill Road and Reep Road.  The trail continues along the old "closed road" and will soon enter Pinnacle State Park.

End of this section is here

Mile Elevation Great Eastern Trail Description (follow orange blazes)
0.0 1610 feet

NY/PA border at State Line Road.  Northern Terminus of Mid State Trail.  Follow Mayo Road north.

0.6 1658 feet

Turn left on Watson Creek Road.

1.2 1688 feet

Turn left on Casson Road.

1.8 1794 feet

Turn right on Liberty Pole Road.  Liberty Pole Cemetery on your left.

2.2 1799 feet

Views.  Descend

2.9 1581 feet

County Route 5 comes in from your left.

3.0 1554 feet

County Route 5 goes right.  Stay straight on Stead School Road.

3.8 1599 feet

Stead School Road veers right.

5.8 1272 feet

Turn left onto Stewart Road.

6.9 1592 feet

Turn right on Orr Hill Road.  There are some views behind you.

7.6 1514 feet

This section ends at Orr Hill Road/Reep Road junction.  GET goes straight past "road closed sign" and soon enters Pinnacle State Park.

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