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This easy six mile hike can be extended to be a 7.4 mile hike if you wish to hike all the way to the Floodwood Pond outlet. This hike is featured in the guide book Hiking New York, 3rd Edition, or at least a slightly different version of this hike (just a beach hike). We made it more of a diverse of a hike as part of the hike is in the woods. This hike starts out at the Nature Trail small parking area (about 0.1 mile east of the Southwick Beach State Park toll booth), so if you don't want to pay the charge to enter the state park, I would suggest parking here. There is room for 3-4 cars here.

This hike utilizes the park Nature Trail (aka Big Beech Trail), the Big Dead Maple Trail, Big Oak Trail and a pleasant beach walk. None of the trail names are listed as you hike on the paths.  I believe the trails have different names in guide books.  I am using the names given on the kiosk map. There is a "dune walk over" that leads to a view of Lakeview Pond and a viewing platform with surprising views. BEWARE of POISON IVY if your doing this hike. It grows all over the dunes and next to the trails in certain places. However, don't let the poison ivy deter you from enjoying this pleasant hike.

Look below for a trail map, trail descriptions, pictures and videos of this hike. There are numerous benches along the "Nature Trail Loop" and a couple as you make your way toward the lake shore. Once you get past the main dune walkway and begin to head south along the beach, you may be the only person in sight. Head out and enjoy the Lakeview Natural Beach Hike. Don't forget the water & snacks!!


Mile Description

From the Nature Trail parking area, head down the "Big Beech Trail".


Turn left at trail junction.  This is still the Nature Trail aka Big Beach Trail.


Cross Bridge over small stream.  The trail is now called Big Dead Maple Trail (no signage).


Bench and a view.


Turn right on the Big Oak Trail and soon more views to your right.


Cross a small bridge, then section of trail that has fallen into a wet area, then soon dune crossover.


Reach Lake Ontario shoreline.  Turn left and follow beach.  Right heads back to Southwick.


On your left is a dune walk over that leads to a view of Lakeview Pond.  Watch for POISON IVY.

Turn left and follow walkway.



Lakeview Pond Views.  Turn around and walk back to beach.  Watch for POISON IVY!


Reach beach and turn left, following beach.


Viewing platform on your left.  Turn left and go to platform.  Views.  Return to beach and turn right (heading back).  If you want to continue, then turn left and walk another 0.7 mile to the outlet.  This make your hike 7.4 miles total.  Turning back here makes for a 6 mile hike.


Dune walk over on your right that leads to views of Lakeview Pond.


Turn right on dune walk over.


Area of trail that has been taped over, then bridge and views on your left.


Turn left on Big Dead Maple Trail.


Cross over bridge.  Now on Big Beech Trail aka Nature Trail.


Turn left on Nature Trail.


Turn right at kiosk following trail next to park road.


Reach main trailhead and the end of this hike.



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