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Limekiln Lake campground has a nature loop trail that links up with the Third Lake-Limekiln Creek Trail. The nature trail is known as the Old Dam Nature Trail and is a nice, easy, short 1.6 mile loop hike by two old dams along Limekiln Creek. This hike can be enjoyed by all members of your family. Look below for more info on this hike including a video, description and a map.

Old Dam Nature Loop Trail (1.6 miles)

This easy 1.6 mile loop hike has an elevation change of only 44 feet and is a great family hike for those staying or visiting Limekiln Lake State Campground.

I was asked by three different folks (when I visited), who were checking out the old fish barrier dam near the trail register whether or not the trail was a loop hike. Yes it is. Unfortunately, there is no information about the trail or maps near the register. There are no signs at the trail junctions, however there are yellow trail markers to make it easy to follow this well worn and maintained trail.

Old Dam Nature Trail follows this service road next to campsite 87

This hike begins next to campsite #87 and there is parking for a few cars. The trails starts off through the yellow gate, following the service road at the edge of a big open field. This service road is used to dump the old ash from the fire pits at the campsites and you'll see the ash pile as you turn left toward the old pump house. There is a sign here that says "the Old Dam Nature Trail" and an arrow that points the way. This is the last time you'll see any signs to help you on this nature hike.

After 0.25 miles you'll reach a trail split with a trail register. Off to the the left is the fish barrier dam, which is where the nature trail returns.  Be sure to sign the trail register (it's for your safety as well as to keep track on how many people use the trail).  Start your loop portion of this hike by heading on the trail on the right from the register, heading counter clockwise. 

Fish Barrier Dam and bridge on Limekiln Creek

Your following yellow trail markers on this well worn and well maintained trail.  You'll have some views of a boggy pond on the left, which is Limekiln Creek.  At 0.7 miles reach a bridge over Limekiln Creek. 

The trail crosses a second bridge and reaches the junction of the Limekiln Creek-Third Lake Trail on the right at 0.75 miles. The Old Dam Nature Trail turns left here and this turn can be easily missed as there are NO SIGNS marking this turn.  The Limekiln Creek-Third Lake Trail travels through a wetland, boggy area toward a waterfall along Limekiln Creek in 0.8 miles. The Limekiln Creek-Third Lake Trail continues on another four miles to South Shore Road.

Site of old dam along Limekiln Creek

Back on the Old Dam Nature Trail, the trail meanders with the boggy pond on your left.  At 1.3 miles you reach the fish barrier dam and the bridge crossing the old dam.  Shortly, on your left will be the trail register.  Be sure to mark the register that you've returned.  Now it's a return walk back past the old pump house, along the edge of the large field, past the yellow gate, reaching the parking area near campsite #87 at 1.6 miles marking the end of this hike.

Look below for a video and trail map of this hike.

Old Dam Nature Trail at Limekiln Lake State Campground

Visitors to this campground looking for more hiking adventures should check out Moose River Plains Wild Forest.  Some very popular hikes located nearby the campground include Rocky Mountain, Black Bear Mountain, Bald Mountain, Bubb & Sis Lake, Moss Lake Loop and Fern Mountain.

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