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Watson's East Triangle
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The 13,229 acre Watson's East Triangle Wild Forest is bounded on the west by the Adirondack Park Blue Line, on the east by the Five Ponds Wilderness, on the south by Pepperbox Wilderness, on the north by the Aldrich Pond Wild Forest. This wild forest is a very popular hunting destination. There are old logging roads that can be hiked or biked throughout the area.

Watson's East Triangle Wild Forest is located on the western edge of the Adirondacks. Good access to the area from Long Pond Road, about 12 miles east from the Village of Croghan. At the end of the Long Pond Road at a large parking area known as Berggren's Clearing, Bear Pond Road continues across the Oswegatchie Tract easement for 1.6 miles, then into and through the Wild Forest. Several spur roads provide access to ponds or locations popular for camping. The northern portion of Watson's East Triangle can be accessed via the Bald Mountain Road on the Oswegatchie Tract Easement.

The most popular destinations in this wild forest include Wolf Pond and Buck Pond. Near Buck Pond there is access into Pepperbox Wilderness with a road/trail that travels to Hog Pond and Tied Lake. There is another road/trail that travels to The South Ponds in Five Ponds Wilderness. Look below for more info on these two primitive corridors. There are 12 designated campsites located in the wild forest.

Find more information on this wild forest including the history of the area from the website. This area does not receive many visitors for hiking or biking compared to other places in the Adirondacks.

Destinations in Watson East Triangle Wild Forest

Mud Pond Keck's Trail Deep Cuts
Desert Swamp Lost & Desert Ponds Number 1 Camp
Wolf Pond Massawepie Pond Deep Cuts Trail
Buck Pond Bald Mountain Rainbow Falls
Cascades at Mullins Flow Jackworks Trail Hogs Back Creek



Hiking in Adirondack Park

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