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The Appalachian Trail travels 52 miles in Connecticut.  Most of the AT in the state follows the ridges to the west of the Housatonic River Valley and to the east of the Taconic Mountains. Campfires are prohibited along the AT in Connecticut and camping is allowed only at designated sites.

Some sections of the AT in the state follow along the banks of rivers, with some steep challenging climbs thrown in.  There is even a wheel chair accessible section of the Appalachian Trail near Falls Village. The trail ascends above 2000 feet in elevation in Connecticut for the first time along the trail since in Pennsylvania.

There are a number of memorable places along the AT in Connecticut including Ten Mile Hill, Ten Mile River, Indian Rocks, Saint John Ledges, Mount Easter, Great Falls, Prospect Mountain, Rand's View, Billy's View, Lions Head and Bear Mountain.  Use the links above to explore different sections of the AT in Connecticut. Look below for a detailed description of key points along the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut.

We recommend checking out Appalachian Trail Guide to Massachusetts-Connecticut and Appalachian Trail, Schaghticoke Mountain to East Mountain [Connecticut, Massachusetts] (National Geographic Topographic Map Guide) to help plan your Appalachian Trail adventure.

Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut
1451.4 400 feet Hoyt Road, New York-Connecticut State Line (Wingdale, NY 12594)
1452.1 580 feet CT 55 (Gaylordsville, CT 06755)
1453.2 1000 feet Ten Mile Hill
1454.2 290 feet Ten Mile River Shelter
1454.4 280 feet Ten Mile River
1455.1 450 feet Trail leading to Bulls Bridge Parking Area
1455.8 320 feet Schaghticoke Road
1457.5 1331 feet Schaghticoke Mountain
1458.7 1250 feet Connecticut/New York State Line
1459.1 1290 feet Indian Rocks
1459.7 950 feet Schaghticoke Mountain Campsite
1461.6 900 feet Thayer Brook
1462.6 655 feet Mount Algo Shelter
1462.9 350 feet CT 341, Schaghticoke Road (Kent, CT 06757)
1465.7 850 feet Skiff Mountain Road
1467.1 900 feet St Johns Ledges
1467.6 480 feet River Road
1469.9 425 feet Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter
1470.3 440 feet Stony Brook Campsite
1472.3 460 feet River Road
1473.1 1000 feet Silver Hill Campsite
1474.0 700 feet CT 4 (Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754)
1474.1 650 feet Guinea Brook
1474.2 750 feet Old Sharon Road
1475.4 880 feet Hatch Brook
1476.1 1150 feet Pine Knob Loop Trail
1476.5 760 feet Caesar Road, Caesar Brook Campsite
1478.7 810 feet Carse Brook
1478.8 800 feet West Cornwall Road (West Cornwall, CT 06796) (Sharon, CT 06069)
1479.9 1075 feet Pine Swamp Brook Shelter
1480.8 1150 feet Sharon Mountain Road
1481.1 1350 feet Mount Easter
1482.3 1200 feet Sharon Mountain Campsite
1485.1 770 feet Belter's Campsite
1485.5 520 feet US 7, CT 112
1486.1 500 feet US 7, Housatonic River Bridge
1486.2 500 feet Mohawk Trail
1488.0 530 feet Water Street, Hydroelectric Plant
1488.1 510 feet Iron Bridge, Housatonic River (Falls Village, CT 06031)
1488.7 650 feet Housatonic River Road, Great Falls
1489.2 750 feet Spring
1491.5 1475 feet Prospect Mountain
1492.2 980 feet Limestone Spring Shelter
1492.3 1250 feet Rand's View
1493.1 1150 feet Billy's View
1495.6 700 feet US 44 (Salisbury, CT 06068)
1496.3 720 feet CT 41 (Salisbury, CT 06068)
1499.0 1738 feet Lions Head
1499.7 1610 feet Riga Shelter
1500.3 1650 feet Ball Brook Campsite
1500.9 1705 feet Bassie Brook Shelter
1501.4 1820 feet Undermountain Trail, Riga Junction
1501.6 1920 feet Bear Mountain Road
1502.3 2316 feet Bear Mountain
1503.0 1800 feet Connecticut/Massachusetts State Line

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Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks for Connecticut

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