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Appalachian Trail Hiking Guide - New York
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Hiking guide with descriptions and maps for the nearly 90 miles the Appalachian Trail travels in New York. The guide is broken down by 12 sections of the AT. The book comes to you delivered as a pdf file via email. Use the buy now button and we will send you the file via email usually within 24 hours of receiving payment. Happy Hiking!
Appalachian Trail

New York


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The Appalachian Trail travels nearly 90 miles in New York State.  Although the trail passes 30 miles to the north of New York City and travels through a large populated area, the trail keeps most of its remote feel.  The lowest point along the whole trail is located in the state where the trail travels through the Bear Mountain Zoo near the busy Bear Mountain Bridge at an elevation of 124 feet.

The AT travels through numerous state parks on its journey through the empire state.  The trail passes through Sterling Forest State Park, Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain State Park, Hudson Highlands State Park and Clarence Fahnestock State Park. You'll find campgrounds at Harriman and Clarence Fahnestock State Parks.  The highest point on the AT in NY is 1433 feet at Prospect Rock on Bellvale Mountain.

There are eight shelters located along the trail in New York.  If you were hiking northbound you'd encounter Wildcat Shelter north of NY 17A along the very long Bellvale Mountain.  Next is Fingerboard Shelter in Harriman State Park near Lake Tiorati.  You'll also find William Brien Memorial Shelter and the West Mountain Shelter in Harriman State Park.  The West Mountain Shelter, although off the main AT, is very popular due to its spectacular view including the skyline of Manhattan on clear days.

The RPH Shelter is located just west of the Taconic State Parkway.  Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter is located near Depot Hill, west of the NY 55 crossing.  Telephone Pioneers Shelter is located after Nuclear Lake, west of the NY 22 crossing.  Wiley Shelter is located near the Connecticut state line.

Technically the AT first enters NY State as the trail travels along the NY/NJ state line near NJ 284 and actually enters New York briefly to cross the Wallkill River during a road walk.  Our coverage of the AT in NY starts when the trail enters the state near Greenwood Lake on Bellvale Mountain and continues to the Connecticut State Line.

 The very first section of the Appalachian Trail was completed in 1923 at Bear Mountain State Park.  The section of the AT that travels through Harriman-Bear Mountain State Parks is one of the heaviest hiked sections of the trail.  Recently some of the trail at Bear Mountain State Park was part of a major reconstruction project that included impressive rock steps for some steep sections.

Taking a hike along the AT in New York will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby big city life.  You'll be amazed at the quiet of nature and the spectacular views along the way.  You can even take the trail to get to the trail!  Use the links above to explore different sections of the AT in New York.  You can find more information from the Appalachian Trail page from the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.  We also suggest purchasing the Appalachian Trail Guide to New York-New Jersey.

Appalachian Trail GPS Tracks in New York

Get the complete GPS Tracks for the AT in New York State for ONLY $1.97!  This .gpx file includes waypoints for all trail shelters along the trail in NY and many of the official AT parking areas.  Use the BUY NOW button below and we'll send you the file via e-mail! You will need a gpx compatible program to open the file. Happy Hiking!

Miles from Springer Mtn Elevation Key points along the Appalachian Trail in New York
1361.7 1385 feet State Line Trail, New Jersey-New York State Line
1362.1 1433 feet Prospect Rock
1364.9 1180 feet Village Vista Trail  (Greenwood Lake, NY 10925) (Warwick, NY 10990)
1368.9 1294 feet Eastern Pinnacles
1369.4 1080 feet Cat Rocks
1369.7 1180 feet Wildcat Shelter
1371.2 680 feet Lakes Road
1371.5 800 feet Fitzgerald Falls
1373.5 1280 feet Mombasha High Point
1374.7 980 feet West Mombasha Road
1375.6 1142 feet Buchanan Mountain
1376.4 840 feet East Mombasha Road
1377.1 720 feet Little Dam Lake
1377.8 780 feet Orange Turnpike
1378.5 1180 feet Arden Mountain, Agony Grind
1379.6 550 feet NY 17 (Southfields, NY 10975)
1379.9 560 feet I-87
1380.0 680 feet Arden Valley Road
1381.3 1350 feet Island Pond Outlet
1381.9 1150 feet Lemon Squeezer
1382.6 1160 feet Long Path Junction
1383.0 1200 feet Surebridge Mountain
1384.0 1300 feet Fingerboard Shelter
1385.1 1196 feet Arden Valley Road
1387.3 850 feet Seven Lakes Road
1388.1 1180 feet Goshen Mountain
1389.3 1070 feet William Brien Memorial Shelter
1390.7 1160 feet Black Mountain
1391.4 680 feet Palisades Interstate Parkway
1391.6 660 feet Beechy Bottom Brook
1392.4 1240 feet West Mountain Shelter
1394.2 610 feet Seven Lakes Drive
1396.6 1305 feet Bear Mountain (Bear Mountain, NY 10911)
1399.4 124 feet Bear Mountain Museum/Zoo
1399.4 150 feet US 9W, Bear Mountain Circle, Bear Mountain Bridge (Fort Montgomery, NY 10922)
1400.1 230 feet NY 9D
1400.6 700 feet Camp Smith Trail to Anthony's Nose
1401.6 550 feet Hemlock Springs Campsite
1401.8 460 feet Manitou Road, South Mountain Pass
1405.2 400 feet US 9, NY 403 (Peekskill, NY 10566)
1405.8 550 feet Graymoor Spiritual Life Center-Franciscan Way
1407.7 900 feet Denning Hill
1408.5 607 feet Old Albany Post Road-Chapman Road
1410.2 420 feet Canopus Hill Road
1411.2 570 feet South Highland Road
1413.9 860 feet Dennytown Road
1415.5 800 feet Sunk Mine Road
1417.6 920 feet NY 301, Canopus Lake, Clarence Fahnestock State Park
1421.8 1282 feet Shenandoah Mountain
1422.2 1100 feet Long Hill Road
1423.3 900 feet Shenandoah Tenting Area
1424.9 360 feet Hortontown Road, RPH Shelter
1424.6 650 feet Taconic State Parkway
1428.1 500 feet Hosner Mountain Road
1429.7 800 feet NY 52 (Stormville, NY 12582)
1431.1 950 feet Stormville Mountain Road, I-84 Overpass
1433.5 1329 feet Mount Egbert
1433.6 1285 feet Morgan Stewart Shelter
1434.7 1230 feet Depot Hill Road
1436.6 750 feet Old Route 55
1436.9 720 feet NY 55 (Poughquag, NY 12570)
1438.1 750 feet Nuclear Lake
1441.1 1200 feet West Mountain
1441.4 910 feet Telephone Pioneers Shelter
1442.1 650 feet County Route 20, West Dover Road, Dover Oak (Pawling, NY 12564)
1444.5 480 feet NY 22, Appalachian Trail RR Station-Metro North Railroad
1444.7 480 feet Hurds Corners Road
1449.8 750 feet Leather Hill Road
1450.2 740 feet Wiley Shelter
1450.4 620 feet Duell Hollow Road
1451.4 400 feet Hoyt Road, New York-Connecticut State Line (Wingdale, NY 12594)


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